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Why trade stocks?

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Stock trading is one of the most popular way to earn money. Stock market moves with bigger amplitude than currency market, which can be very profitable for traders.  

In many ways, currencies are very attractive trading instruments. There are exotics and primary pairs so that all kinds of traders find something to their taste. In the meantime, with FBS, you can trade news of the corporate world, too, and often as rewarding – if not more – than trading currencies.

What are stocks? 

Shares of public companies traded on the biggest global exchanges. The behavior of a stock price reflects what global investors and traders think of the company in question. If the market sees a bright future for a company – its stock rises. Contrarily, if observers think that the outlook is not very favorable for a public company – its stock falls.

Similar to the constant fluctuation of currencies, price movements of stocks allow trading the way you see fit. Scalping, casual intraday, or long-term trading – you will definitely find an interesting stock to trade whatever your strategy is.

FBS offers dozens of stocks

Most of them are primary ones – those which are constantly mentioned in the media headlines so you will always find plenty of fundamental and technical data about these stocks to trade them. Amazon, Facebook, Nvidia, Tesla, Coca-Cola, and many others which you definitely know are there in the list of the Stocks section of Trading instruments.

To summarize, here are the advantages of stock trading:

  • Apart from Quarterly Earnings reports, corporations provide significantly more fundamental data, news, and announcements to trade on compared to currencies
  • Unlike currencies, many stocks are following a relatively stable uptrend, in the long run, allowing a low-risk position trading
  • Variety of stocks offered by FBS allows a sector-specific choice of a trading instrument. Besides that, although not a stock, the S&P 500 and many other stock market indices are offered to trade, too.

Frequently, stock trading is much more volatile than currencies. Therefore, potentially extracting more profit from stock trading is a definite advantage of this market sector.


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