Why to Wear Moonstone Jewelry


Moonstone The Eye-Capturing Stone

Moonstone jewelry has capture the hearts of jewelry loves for years, as it has the sheen and the soft colors are luring. It has a bland appearance that is made spectacular in the presence of light and movement, bringing calm, peace, and balance into the wearer’s life. It is the stone of the mother moon, deep healing waters, and sacred feminine energies. This stone is enveloped in shimmering white energy with the high-energy rays of purple, gold, and blue color. The mysterious stone has a wonderful color and luster. Moreover, it is a stone of protection.

The Reason Behind The Name- Moonstone

The association with the Moonstone makes it fore love relation, and the term adularescence is used to describe the milky ethereal blue light that emanates from Moonstone. The Romans thought that the Moonstone was solidified moonbeams and believed that the moon goddess Diana could be visible in every moonstone piece. The name was given to this stone due to its sheen visual effect, which means the play of the color caused by light diffraction within the sodium, potassium, aluminum, silicate, and the other micro-structure of regular succession feldspar layers. The alternative name for the Moonstone is Hectolitre.

Benefits of Moonstone

Wearing the Silver Moonstone ring will calm and encourage you, teaching the natural rhythms of life. It has the power to open the heart to nurture the qualities and assist in accepting love. It is an excellent crystal for the first or the new love and is the talisman for the love relationship. It is called the stone of love and eroticism. Blue Moonstone necklace could be worn during the lovemaking at full moon harmonizes the body into the natural lunar cycle.

As you have read about the benefits of the Moonstone, now let’s talk about the different varieties of Moonstone, which will enhance your overall personality, making you the show-stealer.

Rainbow Moonstone- The rainbow Moonstone is the milky stone that emits calming and relaxing energy, has an iridescent quality, and is primarily known for the color flashes. They range from the milky white to the marble black and white pattern and are a famous stone used to align all the chakra to bring the place of balance and calm. This stone has the soothing ability to connect the body and the mind by cleansing the chakra and is excellent for experiencing blockage and trouble moving out of the state of negativity. This stone enhances the perception of the surroundings and brings creativity, imagination, and hope. They are great for raising awareness within yourself and giving you mental clarity embracing the opportunities that come your way.

Blue Moonstone is one of the best specimens and is considered the most valuable stone as its significance lies in its healing energies. That mineral is considered a highly sensual, feminine, and nourishing stone are promoting mental clarity and inner vision. It is beneficial while doing meditation, and the natural energies can help the woman’s reproductive system and increase fertility. Wearing this beautiful stone with the pastel colors dresses will make you flaunt where ever you go. You can wear this stone anywhere, at any party or your office. This will look perfect everywhere.

Cleaning Tips For Moonstone

Moonstone earrings or any piece of moonstone jewelry needs to be taken care of properly every time you use them. Never use the ultrasonic or the steam cleaner to clean the Moonstone. Instead, you can use warm water for cleaning or several drops of dish detergent mixed with water. You can soak the Moonstone in the cleaning solution for about five minutes and then take out the stone and dry the stone with a soft cloth. Try to keep your stone away from your perfumes, spray, creams, and any detoxifying product. Also, you can keep the Moonstone pendants or any Moonstone jewelry in the bowl under the full moon day to recharge it, the stone will take the energies from the moon, and the healing powers of the Moonstone would work better than before.

Where To Buy It From?

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