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Why Should You Need A SaaS Application Development Company

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There are two major advantages to using a SaaS application development company for your business. The first is the ability to reduce costs through outsourcing. By having a hosted system you don’t have to pay for a server, dedicated IP address or separate hardware and software. The second advantage is that by using a hosted system you are able to maintain and develop your application in house at a reasonable price.

There are three main types of hosted solutions. There are two that are SaaS products – Remote Desktop Software or RDS Software and Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software. The difference between these products is that RDS is the hosted solution whereas PaaS is an on demand solution. When RDS is used with a desktop computer, the user can log into their desktop from wherever they are. With a PaaS system an application is available to be deployed virtually anywhere.

With a hosted solution you are able to quickly create and update applications without requiring a dedicated staff. For some businesses this is very important. For example an online shopping system might require a constant monitoring of the website and the internet connection to make certain that all sales are being made. With an RDS hosted solution, this is not an issue because updates can be sent to any computer that is connected to the internet.

An SaaS application development company can offer you many additional benefits. For example, you may require an integrated CRM solution. Your hosted solution will provide you with complete software functionality that includes advanced features such as multi-dimensional viewing, inventory control, inventory tracking and real time data entry. You also may require a web portal for managing appointments, sales and other transactions. These can all be managed from your hosted solution.

A SaaS application development company can also help your business with application integration. Integrations are made possible with a hosted solution because these applications are available as apps on the hosted platform. For example a CRM application can be integrated with social media sites. An Intranet application can be integrated with various other back-end web services such as shopping carts, credit card systems and custom reporting systems. This makes integration easier and more efficient.

When it comes to custom designed solutions a SaaS application development company is the best choice. These companies have a strong understanding of exactly what your company requires and how you want things done. They will create your new web site, app and CRM using your company’s current look and feel, your brand images and logo as well as your unique selling points. Once this is in place, a SaaS application development company can build your application in harmony with all of the technological and organizational constraints that you have.

You won’t be tied down to one type of SaaS application development tool or platform. For example many hosted CRM tools require that your company has certain operating systems. While some hosted solutions do include Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. A SaaS hosted solution will allow your company the ability to choose the right tools for the right job.

Another benefit of hosted solutions is that you have access to a global workforce. In today’s global business world, people from different countries can work together. By having a SaaS application hosted solution you can bring together the entire staff of your company and give them a flexible working environment. No matter where they are located they can be productive and stay connected with the rest of the company. While a hosted solution may not be for every business, there are several benefits to having one.


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