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Why Should You Include Gif Content In Your Social Media Marketing?

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If you think emojis are cool, GIFs are even better! And, whether you pronounce it as jif or gif, their effectiveness is all the same. But, with millions of content shared across different social media platforms every minute, it is getting more and more challenging for the brands to stand out and grab people’s attention. 

Fortunately, GIFs come in handy and add some excitement to your social media content, making it easier to keep your audience engaged for a longer duration.

A GIF, a.k.a Graphic Interchange Format, makes it possible to share animated pictures across different platforms. Many well-known brands use GIFs to promote their products and services, helping them gross incredible engagement from social media users. In addition, GIFs help them create a solid and emotional impact on their audiences.

GIFs help people resonate with what businesses want to communicate with them. This is the reason they are an effective and popular category of social media content. Google Trends shows that GIFs are more popular than Instagram videos and vines, indicating that they are here to stay. Also, using GIFs as posts is the best way to initiate a reaction from your social media users.

Social media platforms like Twitter launched an integrated library of GIFs in 2016 by partnering with Giphy and Tenor. While crafting a Tweet, Twitter allows its users to browse through different GIFs from its library by typing keywords, selecting the one they like, and publishing it. 

GIFs can contribute to making profits for your business and give a strong flair of personality to your social media. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why GIFs should be a part of your social media marketing strategy.

1. Promote products, services, or events

GIFs are one of the cleverest ways to get people’s attention quickly and convert them into buyers. You can captivate your audience and inform them about the unique features and benefits of your products, services, and events. 

Here are a couple of examples.

Invisible Braces Clear Aligners GIF by Smile Direct Club - Find & Share on GIPHY
Move It New Years Eve GIF by Planet Fitness - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. Increase audience engagement and retention

People quickly consume dynamic visual content as compared to static content. Social media users like to engage with posts that tickle their interests and provide useful information.

A study found that when people read content accompanied by no visuals, they remember only 20% of the text. Moreover, people get bored and quickly lose interest in text-based static posts.

GIFs retain people’s interest for a longer duration, encouraging them to consume a brand’s message more openheartedly. This is why many businesses and marketers prefer using GIFs over plain text for their social media posts.

Mila Kunis Interview GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. Showcase your brand’s personality

Showcasing your brand’s personality is very important because it tells your customers that you focus on delivering positive experiences. GIFs can help you in humanizing your brand and making your communication more interesting for your audience. 

It is much easier to convey emotions through GIFs. In addition, you can use corresponding elements creatively in your GIFs to improve their effectiveness. 

For instance, if you want to highlight the emotions of happiness through your social media campaigns, you need to add bright hues, positive vocabulary, and unique details in your GIF posts. 

4. Share a story or instructional content

GIFs are easily digested by consumers, which allows brands to tell their stories more interestingly and quickly. 

Since GIFs make it is easier to convey a message in under a minute, they are a valuable way of telling your audience how they can use your products.

This way, you can save a lot of time and effort in responding to every inquiry you get from customers and social media users.

5. Involve your audience

User-generated content can influence the success of a brand’s social media campaigns. As a result, brands can quickly grow their business by involving their most valuable assets, consumers. 

Including your audience is an excellent way of advertising that requires minimal effort and resources. It also instills a sense of trust towards your brand among the existing and potential customers, which can be beneficial in the longer run.

User-generated content is similar to customer testimonials that are one of the best marketing materials for businesses. Therefore, always request your customers to share their reviews with you to use that user-generated content in your GIFs.

Bonus: Helpful tips when using GIFs.


  • Make sure that your GIFs are relatable. Of course, you can use the best images and graphics in your GIFs, but if people don’t relate to the content, your efforts can become useless.
  • People like GIFs because they are exciting and entertaining. Ensure that your GIFs are fun for your audience.
  • Keep a check on your competitors to get inspired, make adjustments, and innovate your strategies. Maximize your brand’s visibility by analyzing current trends so that you can incorporate them in your GIFs.  


  • Stay away from adding too much content into one GIF. It can take away the impact you want to create on your audience and slow down the animation speed.
  • Avoid leaving out words from your GIFs. Instead, always create the perfect balance of imagery and text.
  • Avoid experimenting too much with your GIF content. Instead, stick with what your audience usually likes to see on your social media.

Final words

It’s no debate that GIFs are highly shareable. They can help your business to highlight your products and services less conventionally. Whether your goal is to retain your existing customers or attract new prospective customers, GIFs are one of the many perfect social media marketing tools that can help you achieve that.

You can upgrade and ease your social media marketing efforts by using an intuitive tool like Practina. This automated marketing tool has multiple features that can create, schedule, and publish a variety of GIF, video, and image-based social media content on your page to maximize the exposure and results for your brand.
If you’d like to set up your business for success, don’t wait any further. Sign up with Practina for free today.


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