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Why should you eat at an Indian restaurant in Canada?

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The food of India is defined by its variety which comes from its vast history and culture. It can be easily said that Indian cuisine isn’t just one type of food but rather a collection of various regional cuisines from across the country. The variety of Indian food comes from influences from other countries, trade between countries, the impact that climates have had on the availability of certain ingredients in different regions, etc.

Here are some of the cuisines that you must try at an Indian restaurant in Canada:


North Indian food is fantastic because it comes in a wide range of spices and flavors, which seems overwhelming and can be adjusted to your taste to make it as spicy or mild as you like it. This region is known for its variety of vegetarian dishes, tasty flatbreads like naan and roti. It also offers delicious paneer (a type of cheese), some yummy curries like Chana Masala( chickpea gravy), palak paneer(spinach and cottage cheese gravy). It has some whole meals like Rajma/Rice( kidney beans gravy with rice), Kadi/rice( sour gravy made from buttermilk), Chole Bhature(chickpea gravy with a deep-fried bread), and the list can go on. They have some yummy snacks and some well-known sweet treats that are perfect for after your main course.


South India is considered to offer some delicious food. It is known for its tangy and spicy food. Some south Indians are Dosa( rice and lentil pancakes), Idli (small cakes made using rice flour, buttermilk and garnished with chutney), Uppma (made from semolina)and Vada (savoury doughnuts). They also offer Avial (mixed vegetables cooked in coconut oil and spices), Rassam (made from legumes such as lentils). Sambhar( a tangy curry made with lentils and vegetables is a must, along with all South Indian cuisine.) It is 100% vegetarian and healthy as it uses rice as the base for most of its dishes and lots of vegetables. So on a day when you want to have a light meal that is not too heavy on your stomach and yet have something yummy south Indian food can be your choice.


Besides the North Indian and South India Cuisine, India has many options in local food typically served in the caravans on the street prepared by the locals. The food is typically spicy and tasty. To get a taste of this kind of Indian food, one must order the Samosa( fried pastry with a spiced potato filling), Papri Chaat(fried discs of wheat flour served with yogurt and spice sauces), Paneer Pakoras( cottage cheese coated with gram flour with added spices), Bread Pakora( a potato bread sandwich where the bread is dipped in a spiced mixture of gram flour and deep-fried), Aloo Tikki (shallow fried patties of spiced potato severe along with tamarind sauce, yogurt, and chickpeas). These are just a few famous street foods. When you visit an Indian restaurant, you should explore more options available.


Due to the influence of many cultures in India, there is another variety of food gaining popularity: fusion food. It is a combination of Indian and western cuisine. It may sound bizarre to you, but if you research a bit about it, fusion food works. Look for a Samosa sandwich combo( a samosa is a fried pastry filled with savory potato filling with bread to make a sandwich), Makhani Pasta( Italian pasta with an India twist), Aloo Tikki Roll(whole wheat flatbread filled with spicy potato patty along with onions and sauces.

If you are a person who loves Indian food but due to the not so healthy factor or just because it is expensive, do not eat that very often, then fusion food will be perfect for you. That is because fusion food is more westernized and less spicy compared to traditional Indian cuisine.

There are so many Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Canada one can easily find what one wants to eat. They are well known for their service and delicious food. Indian food is healthy, and even vegans can find options for themselves in this cuisine. So some fried rice at Home Taste is a must-try when you’re searching for an Indian restaurant in Canada.


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