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Why should you choose wax over shave and hair removal cream?

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To get rid of excess hair growth from their skin surface, many people buy shavers and hair removal creams. However, while these methods are useful, waxing can get rid of body hair growth more easily. 

Most people refuse to go for a Hair Waxing service in the fear of feeling a lot of pain from the hot wax application. While this is an understandable concern, the benefits far outweigh the cons in this case. 

You should rely on certified salon professionals to handle the hair removal task using waxes. They have enough training and experience with this and would complete the steps with zero errors.

How is waxing better than shaving/hair removal creams?

Waxing is a much better alternative to the cream-centric and shaving methods in many ways. You should learn the main reasons why before making your choice. 

  1. Zero chances of getting cuts or infections

While you are shaving your body hair, a wrong move can leave cuts on your skin. Later, this can lead to infections. In comparison, waxing involves putting wax on the skin and directly pulling the hair off. So, there is no chance of cuts or infection here.

  1. Hair regrowth is thinner 

After the hair starts growing again following a waxing session, the strands grow thin, unlike shaving. 

  1. The effect stays for longer 

After waxing, the hair grows very slowly since this process involves pulling hair follicles from the root itself. After many sessions, your hair may stop re-growing completely.

  1. It is more suitable for sensitive skin 

Many types of waxes come with hypoallergenic elements and natural ingredients that have moisturizing abilities. Therefore, waxing suits people with sensitive skin better than shavers or chemically-produced hair removal creams.

  1. Your skin would appear more smooth 

Since the wax removes hair directly from the roots, the surface does not feel scratchy like it does after shaving. So, your skin would feel even and soft to touch.

  1. Waxing helps exfoliate dead skin cells and toxins 

The wax pulls the trapped dead skin cells and toxins out of the skin along with the hair fibres. 

  1. No worry of getting ingrown hair 

People cut the hair strands mid-follicle while shaving. Therefore, when it starts growing again, the blunt edge can trap within the skin. That is not possible with waxing since you would pull the entire hair fibre off from the root.

  1. Itchiness is not an issue after waxing sessions

After people shave their skin hair, it grows back in a coarser manner. This causes a feeling of itchiness, especially if you are shaving in sensitive parts like the bikini region. With waxing, this is not a problem. 

The right type of waxes for body waxing 

If you want to get a full-body wax, you can go to a salon for the service. The professionals available at beauty parlours offer different types of waxing processes. 

  • Pre-made strips- Many salon professionals use pre-made wax strips to remove hair from the body quickly. The wax is stuck on small strips that they apply to the body. After some moments, they pull it off; they repeat the step one small area at a time. 
  • Cold soft wax- The salon experts do not heat this wax type and directly put it on the skin. Compared to the conventional waxing method, this is less time-consuming, easy to complete, and comfortable. 
  • Heated soft wax– The service provider heats the container containing soft wax in a microwave or in another manner. It softens the wax; the professional then applies the wax thinly and evenly on the hairy areas. They put a strip on top; after it cools down, they pull it off. 
  • Fruit wax– It is most suitable for people with sensitive skin. Fruit waxes generally contain berry or plum fruit extracts that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. 
  • Chocolate wax- Another premium-level waxing choice is the chocolate wax type. Chocolate is naturally high in antioxidants, and also contains glycerine and oils.

Why should you opt for professional waxing help?

While it is possible to manage the waxing steps at home, going to professionals is more useful. So, search for the experts who are offering this service and take their help with the process. There are many reasons why you should. 

  • Easy to schedule for a session 

You can contact salons for their waxing service directly through a phone call, online platforms like website/apps, or walk-in visits. The process of setting an appointment and paying for the service is easier through online methods. You can do it at any time at your convenience. 

  • Professionals handle the task quickly 

Professionals at salons have years of practice in many types of hair removal services, like waxing. So, they can finish the steps very quickly. For example, trained estheticians deliver leg waxing or bikini waxing generally within 20-30 minutes.

  • They use better quality products and procedures 

The professional estheticians at salons have more knowledge on the right products for waxing different types of skin. They would carefully consider your complexion and dermatological condition before using any waxes. Also, they know and offer various waxing services as well. 

  • Professional waxing is not too expensive 

The salon experts offer well-planned service-oriented pricing for their work. You might have to waste more money if you need treatment after completing the at-home waxing steps badly. Relying on experts is a better plan.

  • They provide full-scale waxing even at hard-to-reach places

They can apply the wax and remove hair from areas that you cannot reach easily.


Overall, waxing can feel like a daunting procedure to go through but it is more useful than regular shaving. For this process, you should go to the right specialists in the fields. They would carefully and safely complete the waxing steps and use the best products as well. Research your options at the earliest to make your decision.


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