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Why should mobile app startups choose Flutter?

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 Flutter app? How would you prefer to book the ticket for a concert you want to attend? Use an app, right?

Android and iOS apps are the future of online businesses. With the increase in popularity of mobile apps, demand for app development services has also increased.  

The same applies to startups. Being a startup, your main goal should be to acquire new customers and build trust among them. 

Most startups are preferring cross-functional apps since they function on both Android and iOS using the same codebase. The app development time and cost reduce automatically. You can reach out to prospective clients and deliver an exceptional experience with the right mobile app.

Among the various frameworks available for cross-functional app development, Flutter has gained popularity in the startup world. 

Now you must be wondering, “What’s so special about flutter?” 

We have the answer to it. In this write-up, we have discussed why you should choose flutter app development for your startup. 

Understanding Flutter

Flutter is an open-source for developing a mobile application. It is powered by Google. FLTR app development allows a designer to create an application for Android, iOS, Google Fuchsia, Windows, and the web using a single codebase. 

Apps can be created using Dart- a Google Programming Language. 

Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development For Your Startup?

Cost-Effective Development process

App development can be classified into two types- native app development and cross-functional app development. 

With native app development frameworks, you’ll need different codes for different platforms. However, with FLTR development features (cross-functional framework), you can easily use a single codebase for different platforms. 

Result? The developer will not need to design different codes for different platforms.

The FLTR app development process is simple. This reduces the overall cost of development. You can hire flutter developer professional experts Or a FLTR app development company for budget-friendly solutions. 

Less Code Development Time

Since a flutter app development works on a single codebase, the developer’s workload to design codes for various platforms reduces. 

Professional FLTR app development services deliver you seamless mobile applications within a quick time span. 

Quick Testing Time

With Flutter, you don’t need separate specialists for the respective OS to test your app. A good FLTR app development company will have QA experts who can test only one version of the app to ensure functionality on different platforms.

Efficient Marketing Within a Short Timespan

If you are a startup, then every second is very precious. You can lose prospective clients if you waste even a minute. Therefore developing an app, testing and deployment should be quick.

With the advantages of Flutter and the expertise of a flutter app development company, you can have your mobile app up and running very quickly. 

Industry leaders like Google, Tencent, BMW, The New York Times, and Grab used flutter development to design their mobile applications. With Flutter, your startup can be the next industry leader. 


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