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Why running SEO and PPC campaigns together can be beneficial?

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Being at the top of Google search results in searches relevant to your organization – it’s a goal of many businesses. Logical, because you want to be found in a place where the target group is actively looking for information or is willing to buy something. To put it bluntly, you can achieve that goal in two ways: by advertising (PPC or SEA) and optimizing your website (SEO). The discussion often revolves around which of these two you should bet. A shame, because these two services are complementary to each other. Why? Read 5 reasons below.

1. Visibility and share of voice

The first and perhaps the most important reason to use both marketing tools is to increase your visibility in search results. This allows you to achieve not one, but two top positions in the search results. In fact, if you use SEO in addition to both regular text ads and Google Shopping, you can even rank three places in the search results.

The more space you have within the search results, the greater your share of voice is. Share of voice can be seen as the share of advertising space that you have among the other advertisers. You want the largest share of voice possible because there is a positive correlation between a large share of voice and the click rate. In short: using both SEO and PPC will get you more clicks.

2. Short and long term

SEO and PPC also complement each other excellently in terms of time management. It’s no secret that SEO is a time-consuming and lengthy process. There are no quick and dirty wins within SEO, it is a long-term road. 

On the other hand, PPC can act as a kick-start for your organization. Because PPC includes the ad positions, you can be in the top positions in search results for the most relevant keywords for your organization within a day. 

3. SEO can lead to cheaper PPC clicks

An important aspect of PPC is the Quality Score. The quality score, together with your maximum click price, determines the so-called Ad Rank. In short, it means that a good Quality Score leads to lower click prices. An important part of Quality Score is the user’s landing page experience. Carrying out a solid SEO battle plan will therefore make a positive contribution to the prices you pay to search engine ads per click.

4. Capitalize on PPC keyword data for SEO

When Google decided to remove keyword-level data in Analytics, it was a problem for SEO. We no longer knew which search terms were driving traffic – and more importantly – which search terms resulted in conversions. By running a PPC campaign, we can link AdWords to Analytics to re-gain this data to make smarter on-page optimization decisions as an alternative to the lack of information we are now getting for organic keywords.

5. Using SEO for expensive PPC keywords

Finally, SEO can be a smart alternative to advertising on expensive keywords within PPC. As you may know, PPC is structured around an auction system in which supply and demand and the ultimate value of a keyword is leading. The more organizations bid on a particular keyword, the higher the competition and the further the price is increased. And companies are of course only willing to bid high on a keyword if it (1) is searched for often and (2) it ultimately pays off. A positive correlation is visible between the turnover/margin ratio and the click price; the more value a click can have, the higher the click price. Just like a physical auction. Keep in mind that multiple competitors will use this tactic, making it more difficult to achieve those organic top positions. A good SEO strategy with Ducima Analytics Private Limited will be extra important.


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