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Why PU soles are good for shoes?

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For many decades, there has been a lot of experimentation going on in the footwear industry. The industry has evolved with a help of a lot of new technologies and with the finding of the right materials for forma and casual shoes, sneakers, sports shoes and others. The material which can bring a holistic performance in the shoe world as per the experts is polyurethane.

The PU soles or the polyurethane sole carries a lot of advantages over any EVA, leather or rubber soles that are used in the shoes.

The manufacturing process of PU 

Polyurethane or the PU is a product which happens after the chemical reaction in between an isocyanate polymer and a polyol component under a suitable temperature. The reaction also needs an organo metallic catalyst which can increase the rate of this reaction without changing itself chemically. PU is obtained in a liquid format and then it is shaped into soles through pouring or through injection moulding machine method. In case of a large scale production the companies which are manufacturing PU soles can use the injection moulding method because it is budget friendly and an economically viable option. They can be beneficial in the long run.

The types of PU

Here are some major types of PU soles:


This is manufactured by the blending of the polyether polyols. The end product which is obtained is a highly inert and water resistant thing which is great for use in any general footwear.


It is another version of the PU which is made by the blending polyether polyols. The end product that one gets is heat resistant and they can be used easily while making safety shoes.

The advantages of PU material for sole

  • They are quite lightweight. When one is wearing shoes which are made of these soles, they never feel like dragging their heavy legs everywhere. PU soles can make each and every varieties and styles of shoes light so that one never has to compromise with the fashion.
  • Polyurethane is made from some stable chemical properties. They never react to water and any other chemicals. It can stay intact for a considerable amount of time and that is why; majority of the shoe industry is considering them to be the best sole material when it comes to high quality shoes.
  • PU soles can exhibit a great control and a proper grip to make them suitable in case of rocky terrains and slippery surfaces. PU soles are a perfect choice for variety of functions like regular walking, running, hiking and trekking.
  • In case of too much working and heavy lifting, one can wear shoes which are made of PU soles because they are good when it comes to shock absorption.

Shock absorption

In scenarios where your job includes heavy lifting and continuous walking around, Polyurethane is the best shock absorbent. It can be worked upon for long-haul shifts and remain at its best at the end.

Shoes made from PU sole material are not only comfortable but durable as well.


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