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Why Printed Pizza Boxes Are More Attractive

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Who doesn’t like pizza? Every single individual loves the pizza. Therefore it is considered to be the best junk food ever existed. No matter if we’re happy, sad, anxious, or peckish we can simply order the saucily oven-baked snack to satisfy our taste buds at our homes.

What preserves this delicious and mouth-watering feature of pizza? Exactly, they are premium quality pizza boxes. Along with quality, the thing which matters the most is the presentation of the boxes.

Pizza Boxes


Pizza containers in the early ages are made up of metals such as copper and tin but it was until the 1960s. The first attempt to make pizza boxes out of corrugated carboards was officially applied in 1963 which unveils the characteristics of modern pizza boxes and now 66% of US pizza comes in a box that is mainly because it works. As corrugated cardboards absorb water vapors and prevent spoilage.

Engrossing Benefits of Pizza Boxes:

No longer soggy bottoms: one of the major goals in pizza delivery is to deliver soft, delicate, and mouth-watering pizza without getting the crust and toppings soggy.

Maintain safety standards:  interesting and high-quality packaging protects the boxes during transportation from a couple of things such as slipping of toppings, sauces, decorations, and secure the taste.

Serving purposes: well design boxes can be served as a plate also.

Prevention from germs: they can protect pizza from bacteria, germs, and dust particles. And balance the hygiene of the product inside.

Protection from sunlight: they can also protect the pizza from sunlight which can spoil the edible.

Made a difference: nowadays, the pizza industry is so determined. Every other day a new brand introduced itself. This is why it is important to design something which made a difference and has unique properties.

Economical and Eco-Friendly Material for Pizza Boxes:

Just after a couple of hours of baking, pizza starts to show the signs of spoiling including loss of flavors and moisture. According to research 3MILLION, pizza box suppliers are manufactured daily by a Georgian company. Therefore it is important to transfer the pizza into the boxes which are made from quality material and contain fewer chemicals and are also ecofriendly. The type of material must be reusable or biodegradable such as sugarcane or bamboo plant-based materials. As pizza box packaging is made up of paper boards or cardboard, the use of these boxes is high and this is the most common type of boxes that are used worldwide. People also prefer these boxes because of their low price, on the other hand, these boxes are available with so many customization options and the material itself has the ability to support a modified atmosphere as well as economical. According to research in France from 2000 to 2016, approximately 400 thousand metric tons of cardboard are recycled.

Wholesale Pizza Boxes

Intensify Pizza Worth And Appearance:

WE EAT FIRST WITH OUR EYES. Exactly, poorly decorated food is never attractive. Regardless of the product, the presentation matters, it must be impressive. The design and style of the boxes are going to make a perception of the product inside. Also from the retailing point of view, well-designed boxes can enhance the worth of pizza so that it will look more delicious and can grab more attention. if the Pizza Packaging is eye-catching, it will indirectly multiply the craving which made them buy from your shop.

Wholesale Pizza Boxes for Parlor Promotion:

Custom pizza boxes are becoming the need of restaurants as they offer protection and preservation. One of the most important benefits of using printed pizza boxes is to promote our brand.  As plain boxes are not so attractive, therefore, we can buy wholesale pizza boxes from cardboard manufacturing companies or online stores such as OLX, DARAZ, etc., and can customize the boxes according to our desire. Adding fashionable taglines to spectacular colors or designs that matching the requirements of pizza, will bring a huge ratio of customers and will definitely make your brand more successful.

Customer Satisfaction:

It is important to get back to your customers whenever they need you. If they like your products, they’ll be astonished where are they come from and what is there origin.  For this purpose, you can add your details, for example, email and telephone numbers so they can reach out to you in the future and get facilitated by your offers which are directly proportional to your company’s promotion and positive feedback.

Pizza packaging


Therefore, to sum up, we can say that there are uncountable benefits of printed and well-designed pizza boxes buy. If you want the best possible option to save your pizza from getting soggy, too dry, and to increase sales. The solution for this problem is wholesale customize pizza boxes. Besides, they can also break down into pulp and can be recycled easily.


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