Why prefer Romantic Suspense Books over Generic Novels

Fiction and romance are two genres that have always been a favourite and have been evolving since the beginning of storytelling. If you are an avid reader, you may have also noticed different genres are blended, e.g., suspense with romance and people prefer these if they are well written. These various sub-genres have gained popularity and revolutionized literature and storytelling as an art form. Romantic suspense books are often a sought-after, adrenaline and oxytocin-inducing blend if there is a particular storyline with solid characters, convoluting relationships, emotions, doubts, love, mystery, intrigue, secrets, and tension within the same plot.

What Makes an Interesting Romantic Suspense Book?

Plot, composition, and characters constitute a great story. Typically, the best romantic suspense books have a constant threat of danger, a couple experiencing conspiracies, violation of rules, enigmatic villains, and struggles to protect one another. There’s no need to prioritize either suspense or romance; they work side by side. Readers stay involved in the storyline as they get caught up in their yearning for the thrill and passion, romance, love, compassion, heartbreaks, and intrigue, along with the ploys and strategies used to fight all possible traps and unexpected consequences. The complex story has intricate elements that merge with every plot, scenario, and audience.

Why Should You Read Romantic Suspense Books Over Generic Novels?

As a fan of romantic novels, a person does not necessarily have to fantasize about love stories. It develops our emotional states and trains us to act under certain circumstances.

The events in all romantic suspense books revolve around the same iconic plot by writers who manage to describe their characters in complete three-dimensional detail. Previously, storylines would mostly be about a woman in jeopardy who’s in a relationship with a strong man coming to the rescue and solving all the mysteries. With women’s empowerment, a woman-led sub-genre has also evolved. Now, books like Sophie is Scarlet are excellent examples of how Sophie breaks the spell of evil with magic and subversive schemes to save her boyfriend.

Romantic suspense books make you mentally stronger. With better visualization of how one behaves when things mysteriously go against their expectations, one finds many paths to a single problem. As per Gaiman’s Theory of Mind and its connection with reading, we can relate his views to this particular genre.

“You get the opportunity to discover that every other person out there is me. You’re another person, and you will be somewhat changed when you return to your reality.” Gaiman, Neil.

We attach ourselves to each character. Most readers choose to associate themselves as one with the good guys. This is both natural and common; living with those positive emotions influences your mental components.


Making a novel interesting or immensely boring mainly depends on the writer’s skills. There’s a thin line between being a story exciting and clich√©. As mentioned before, even romantic suspense novels can be boring if following the same typical plotline. But since the world is evolving with new stories and character development. You can experience the pleasure of sorrow, sympathy, struggles, victory, enjoyment, grief, and determination all at once. The top romantic suspense books would be the ones that take you far from the real world. And whose plots and characters influence not just your personality but also your mental growth.

Experience the goodness of this sub-genre by reading the tragedy. That falls upon a modern witch, Sophie or Scarlet; that’s you to figure out.

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