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Why Lip Tattoos Are Trending?

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Those who are in love to get inked are also considering the lips now! Yeah, lip tattooing is making a buzz than never before. Many women are looking to grapple the technique and opting for training courses from esteemed academies. There is considerable rush for eyelash extensions in Sydney courses too. There is a lot happening in the cosmetic industry, let’s find out a little more about this thing called lip tattoo.

What’s the buzz about lip tattoo?

  • Fuller lips are what women are aiming for! The celebs have shown the way, now it’s the turn of the lovely ladies.
  • The lipsticks, sans shimmer or with gloss, and those hackneyed hues are not enough! Women are making bolder moves and opting for lip tattooing!
  • Well-defined lips, the perfect pout, cool or warm tones, pretty pinks/pastels, custom blending is the way to go.

What’s hot?

Permanent lip blushing

It adds depth to your luscious lips by defining then lip edges with the colors used! A stroke of gloss is all you need before your step out!

Blended effect tattoo

Softer tones work wonders for this technique which is done to magnify the outline of your lips, thus adding more definition to your lip shape. The blended effect rolls in changes of color in a gradual making lips look plumper, softer reflecting a natural shiny look.

Full lip blushing

A full lip blush procedure involves the lips completely and in case a client has lost natural lip pigment, such a procedure is preferred. You can go for natural tones or go bold with bright tones!

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