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Why Learning Maths Can Help You Make Sense Of The World

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From a young age, you will come across the saying, “Maths is the language of the universe.” If you have any relative who is an engineer or scientist, you know how highly they regard this subject. For someone who might need to depend on maths homework help online services from time to time, this entire concept would seem absurd.

According to a survey conducted on 51 students in the 9th grade, 88% reported that they hate mathematics. The primary cause of this dislike towards the subject was the students’ inability to understand the various topics.

So, why mathematics?

The general attitude towards mathematics isn’t one of much enthusiasm. However, this usually results out of fear. Once you can look past the hurdles and overcome them, you’d be in a better position to appreciate maths in general.

The mathematical knowledge that the world has in the 21st-century results from the efforts of generations of thinkers. For example, without the contributions of Euclid, Newton, Archimedes, Descartes, Pythagoras and thousands of other mathematicians, it would be impossible to achieve technological advances or live as comfortably as you do in the current world.

As you grow older and move past the constrictions of mathematics that surrounded you in school or college, you realise that everything in this world is connected to the other. Everything happens in a set pattern, following a certain logic. Once you can understand these patterns and sequences using mathematics, it becomes easier to understand the world.

The Use Of Mathematics In Real Life

As a student, there can be nothing more frustrating than trying to make sense of a complex mathematical equation right before the deadline. During such moments, you might wonder – “What is the use of this? Will this help me in the future? Why do I need to learn algebra and geometry when addition and subtraction are the only things I need to survive?”

Initially, it might seem that a basic knowledge of the mathematical functions is all you need to live your life on earth. However, you’d be astonished to see how much every aspect of mathematics affects your daily lives. For example,

Role of Algebra

The complex algebraic equations might keep you up all night. However, you’ve been using algebra since a young age without even realising it! For example, every time you play baseball, basketball or a simple game of catch, you have to calculate the correct distance between you and the ball, determine the angle and predict where it will land to either catch it or hit it. This is one of the most natural ways mathematics has become a part of your life since childhood.

Role of Geometry

You can trace back the existence of geometry since the earliest civilisations where its prime expansion took place during the time of Archimedes, Pythagoras and others. Studying geometry helps you develop a better understanding of how simple shapes can become the basis for the biggest architectural wonders of the world. Thus, only geometry can help you in fields like architecture, interior decoration, art, and game development.

Role of Arithmetic

Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics that generally deals with numbers, and numerical functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and other operations. You’re most likely to use arithmetic the most in your daily lives. For example, when you’re out shopping for clothes or groceries, you’d need to calculate the prices and ensure you don’t go out of budget. 

Understanding The World Using Mathematics

When you study mathematics as a pure science subject in school, it can be challenging to relate to it. For example, if a child has no idea of what you mean by the function of addition, it would be impossible to understand why one added to one becomes two.

 However, when you provide the child with a real-life example of how one apple added to one apple becomes two, they develop a better understanding of the numbers.

Now consider something similar for a student in high school studying exponential growth and decay. Again, if you provide a relatable context to these students, it becomes easier to understand where they can apply what they learnt in class. 

For example, you can present the statistics of the increase in death due to the COVID-19 pandemic in countries where the virus spread unchecked in a dense population. It would make them immediately make the connection between the exponential decay of lives. Which is directly proportional to the growth of the virus.


The study of statistics can help students understand the mathematics behind probability. You must have seen magic tricks with cards. Where the magician predicts which card is in your hand without glancing at it. For a child who does not know mathematics, it would seem like magic. But someone who has studied the subject in great detail. Would be able to tell you that it is merely a case of probability. 

Researchers and scientists are well aware that the world we live in is unpredictable. However, it is not impossible to predict specific future outcomes based on probability. This includes thorough research into past events to calculate a hypothetical result. You can use this method to find an estimate of death tolls. And the amount of damage in case of natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. The government uses this estimate to figure out the amount of aid they need to send urgently. 

Understanding the world also includes appreciating the contributions of those that have laid the foundations of mathematics generations before. It helps you develop a better understanding of the world. When people did not have any concept of time or space.

The Importance Of Understanding Maths From A Global Context

Once you begin to view Maths in a global context, it helps you better appreciate the subject. It is not just about cramming complex formulas or being restricted to your niche. 

Everything in this world is connected. Hence, by incorporating a global approach to Maths. You will finally be able to create a model that simplifies the complexities of these global connections.

Summing it up,

Mathematics has always been challenging for many. However, once you get over your fear of the subject and look at it from a broader perspective. It becomes easier to understand how this subject can help you make sense of the world. In addition, a thorough knowledge of mathematics would be crucial. To explore the various problems the world faces and come up with possible solutions. This will only be possible when you take a global approach to the subject from childhood.


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