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Why It Is Important To Implement Drip Irrigation System in India

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India is a country in which agriculture is one of the major sources of income. But sadly, the lack of knowledge of the right agricultural techniques has led to the death of thousands of farmers. That is why it is important to be aware of some crucial agricultural techniques such as the Drip Irrigation System which has emerged as a boon to those farmers who reside in a region where scarcity of water is a major problem. The implementation of drip irrigation system in India will solve a lot of problems and it must be promoted for the following reasons –


When a farmer choses the conventional methods to water the plants which will eventually turn into crops, the wastage of water is imminent. It does not matter how hard the farmer tries to spend as little water as possible, because in the long run, water is certain to get wasted. That is why it is important to install a drip irrigation system equipped with the most efficient drip irrigation pipe in your fields wherein the plants will give your plants only the amount of water which is necessary for their growth and nothing extra.


The network of drip irrigation pipe in your field also prevents the overgrowing of weeds. Weeds are useless plants which grow along with the crops because they also receive the same nutrition as the crops. They steal the nutrition which is meant for the plants by consuming the fertilizers, nutrients and water meant for the plants. That is where drip system comes to help the farmer as it allows the water to reach directly to the plants and cuts the nutrition supply to weeds by a huge margin and thereby reducing the amount of weeds in a field.


The drip irrigation system works towards the conservation of water as it allows the water to reach directly to the roots of the plants wherein it is utilized by the plants to prepare food for themselves and hence helps in their overall growth. Conservation of water also brings about many other benefits but the major one is that it saves a lot of water and money. The money aspect is explained in detail further.


When the drip irrigation system’s water tank is infused with the necessary fertilizers for the plants, then the fertilizers reach directly to the roots of the plants which means that the plants will receive the fertilizers in a more concentrated manner. And this will make sure that the plants get to grow as fast as possible. Also, it prevents the wasting of fertilizers on random spots of the land which means the number of weeds will reduce drastically. The direct delivery of fertilizers to plants is environment friendly as well because the ground does not get intoxicated.


The plants receive a focused nutrition when the water and fertilizers reach them directly and that is how this system effectively improves the health of the plants.


The drip irrigation system is flexible in the sense that it allows the irrigation of oddly shaped fields with no change in its efficiency. The system has turned out to be a boon for those who have irregularly shaped fields and face problems in irrigating them.


The system is cost efficient as it prevents the extra expenditure on fertilizing equipment and also saves money in form of electricity bills. The system is can be therefore used by those who are struggling financially, because the installation cost of the system is only a one time investment which is certainly going to repay in huge amounts.

By now, it can be safely assumed that you have understood the importance of implementing drip irrigation system in India. The fact that it saves a lot of water is strong enough to employ it into our fields so that the rest of the water could be brought to other uses like cattle rearing, washing etc. Farming is a noble job and the responsibility to give our farmers knowledge about the best farming practices falls upon us, therefore it is requested that you should volunteer to educate the farmers around you about amazing techniques like drip irrigation system.


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