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Why is your truck not starting? Main reasons

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Every driver has experienced this: he enters the vehicle, fastens his seatbelt, and then it doesn’t start. This is very annoying, especially if the driver is in a hurry. If you are thinking of buying a truck, you should know that the complexity of the new models means that there are many possible reasons behind that problem.

The most common causes are often the easiest. We will explain the causes and how to fix them.

Is it the starter or the battery?

Before we get into the more technical checks, it is important to first check if the battery is still good. It can be charged and helps to start the engine. The alternator is responsible for starting the engine, keeping power flowing, and charging the battery.

Another important piece of the puzzle is the truck starter engine. This motor is responsible for generating energy bursts from the battery to start the engine. Your engine may be the reason your Truck won’t start, but you can. You will hear a distinctive click to indicate that the problem is in that area.

Are you having engine problems?

If the engine experiences Problems starting the vehicle Your vehicle’s ignition switch may not work properly. It could be caused by a malfunctioning solenoid, blown fuse, or a dead battery.

To allow power to the motor and complete the circuit, you will need to replace the solenoid if it is a malfunction. You can also check the fuse box for any signs of damage and inspect it for fuses. If the fuses are found, they will need to replace.

You can inspect the connections of the battery and remove any residue. If necessary, replace any damaged cables. You can quickly solve the problem by turning on another vehicle’s power source.

But the start button doesn’t work?

There could be four possible causes for why the truck won’t turn on if the ignition switch is turned but it doesn’t turn. Let’s look at each one.

It could be a problem with the ignition coil. This will prevent the engine from starting. To check if the spark plug wires are in good shape or have worn out, you should inspect them.

A bad ignition switch could also prevent you from turning your key or pressing the button to start your truck. It could be caused by faulty cables or bad connections. If the problem is the ignition switch, it could be quite costly to replace.

The crankshaft position sensor could be damaged. This could cause the crankshaft position sensor to misinterpret speed and send the wrong information to the computer. This will cause fuel to not be sent to the ignition at the correct time and prevent your truck from starting.

To determine if your sensor isn’t working correctly, you can use an OBD-II tool. If that is not possible, you can request maintenance from Fuso. Or have your truck inspected by a professional.

The problem could be with your onboard computer. Sometimes, it may misunderstand the information and refuse to allow the vehicle to start. It is possible to use an OBD-II and your manual to determine the source of the problem.

The engine is receiving fuel, but it won’t start.

These are the four possible causes of your truck not starting when it is filling up with fuel. Problems with vehicle ignition:

First, you should check if your air filter is clogged and preventing the air from turning on the ignition. You can resolve this problem by either cleaning the filter or replacing it.

A clogged fuel filter could also be a possibility. This prevents the fluid from traveling to the engine properly. You can avoid this problem by replacing the filter frequently.

Another possibility is that your fuel pump is blocked or damaged, which may prevent gasoline from burning. Clean the fuel pump suction filter.

Fuel can’t be injected into the system if it is blocked by a clogged fuel injector. You should replace your fuel injector if you smell gasoline when you start the truck.

Now you are aware of the reasons for this problem. Check each of these factors next time your truck doesn’t start. This will help you to get out of this complicated situation.



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