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Reasons: Why Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working?

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The blistering summers make you run your air conditioners a lot. As the temperature goes higher the more you use air conditioners even without tracking the working time. But let’s be honest, the conditioner never works properly. Especially when they are overworked. There can be several reasons why it is not in full performance. 

Usually, knowing the reason behind the problem makes it easy to solve it. So, here are the most common possible reasons why your air conditioner is not working properly. If your AC is being problematic check them for these and you will find the reason and get it fixed. 

Dead Thermostat Batteries

Yes, sometimes your air conditioning system actually has no problem but just the thermostat is out of battery or the thermostat batteries are out of juice. This can be the reason why the screen is blank. 

The simplest way to solve this problem is by switching the old batteries with the new ones. You can also call the HVAC repairing companies as well but surely it will cost a lot more than simply buying some new batteries. 

If you want full working then make sure you set your thermostat to cool if not it’s either heating or just the fan is spinning-useless. 


The Indoor Disconnect Switch Is Turned Off

This can actually happen. The indoor disconnect switch can be turned off by accident or simply if someone bumps into it. The chances of this happening increase when the switch is in your attic or garden area.

So, before going for other troubleshooting problems for your air conditioner check the indoor disconnect door. Maybe your system only needs this simple solution.

Your Circuit Breaker Of Air Conditioner Has Tripped 

If your system is problematic then have a look at your breaker box. It is possible that one of the circuits is tripped. Maybe the tripped breaker is the one connecting to your HVAC system. Reset it and then again check the AC, if it’s working or not. 

The point to ponder here is that the circuits trip when they are overloaded. If the tripping of the circuit becomes a regular phenomenon then try switching off the other appliances or equipment that can be the contributing factor to the load. If still the problem is not solved then contact a professional HVAC contractor and get the problem diagnosed and solved. 

A Blown Fuse

Before being frustrated with your non-working AC, check the thermostat fuse. 

A damaged fuse between the AC and a thermostat is just like a bad worn-out battery on the car. This problem needs to be fixed before it transfers its damage to the system body. However, this problem requires special safety precautions and training to tackle. If you are trained you can try to fix it yourself. However, a professional HVAC technician from emergency ac repair Las Vegas is a safe option to opt to get the fuse changed or repaired.

The Outdoor of Air Conditioner Capacitor Is On Frits

Typically an air conditioner needs two capacitors in its outer to work properly. Explaining in technical terms one capacitor is the start push and the other is the run capacitor. The two capacitors working together perfectly can make your air conditioner work properly. 

Unfortunately, the shelf-life of these capacitors is very limited and they need to be changed almost every season. So, if the air conditioner is not performing well try getting the capacitors to change and see if the problem is solved.

The Dirty Filter Needs To Be Replaced

If you are not cleaning and maintaining the air filters according to the manufacturer’s guides, it can cause sewer clogging due to trapped gunk and dirt. This will lead to blocking of the air filters and the cooling will not be proper.

Over time this can literally cause the system to freeze as ice forms around the coil accompanied by refrigerant leaks or closure of half or more of the supply vents. All this is extremely bad for your system.

So, be sure to clean your air filters after regular intervals to avoid such chaotic situations.


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