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Why is wood a TOP building material and which types are the most in the course?

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TOP building material: We meet him every step of the way. Not only is it an integral part of the surrounding environment, but it also adorns our homes in various forms. However, the elegant look is far from the only reason why wood is the number 1 material for many of us.

The huge popularity of wood is related to the combination of practical and aesthetic benefits, which bring maximum comfort to homeowners. This applies to the use of the material in the implementation of entire buildings and in the incorporation into the interior design, where wood fulfills its role in the form of home furnishings.

TOP building material: Wood as a material in the past and today

The history of the use of wood as a material dates back to ancient times. Its boom came after the discovery of a wheel, which was also made of wood. Ancient civilizations began to make various types of furniture from it. Wooden shingles also came into play, replacing thatched roofs. Despite the fact that more and more dwellings were built of stone, the wood did not leave the homes. It maintained its place in construction even after the advent of concrete and reinforced concrete. In recent years, it has even reported a major return in the form of wooden buildings.

TTOP building material: he quality of wood is determined mainly by hardness

There are several factors on which the overall quality and durability of wood depend. Hardness is considered key. It is this that affects whether a given type of wood can be used for the construction of buildings or rather used for the production of home accessories. Hardness also affects how much care the wood will require and how long it will last without damage. This can be determined according to a 6-level hardness table, which ranks selected types of wood into categories from very soft to extremely hardwood.

TOP building material: 5 most famous types of wood in our country

1. Oakwood

Among our trees, one of the hardest is an oak. Its wood is used mainly in the production of furniture. It is no less often used in the production of parquets or tiles. We are increasingly encountering it in the form of lumber.

TOP building material: Advantages of oak wood

  • It has a higher density, which increases its resistance to water.
  • Thanks to the tannin content, it is quite resistant to mold.
  • It has an elegant shade and an interesting texture.

Disadvantages of oak wood

  • The wood must be dried for a long time before processing.
  • Solid oak furniture is not the cheapest.

2. Walnut wood

This type of wood is only slightly less hard than that of oak. This makes it one of the materials widely used in the manufacture of furniture and floor coverings. Manufacturers love it mainly because of its flexibility and formability.

TOP building material: Advantages of walnut wood

  • It offers furniture manufacturers easy processing.
  • The color of the wood boasts a multicolored drawing.
  • It is resistant to acids or solvents.

Disadvantages of walnut wood

  • It resists some pests very poorly.
  • Over time, it begins to crack and deform.

3. Pinewood

Coniferous wood is known for its softness. Nevertheless, the pine has quite good resistance. This makes it a suitable material (not only) for the production of windows and doors.

TOP building material: Advantages of pine wood

  • It has very good flexibility.
  • It can easily withstand frost and wind.

Disadvantages of pine wood

  • It does not have a smooth surface, so it works a little worse.
  • Its pickling is also more demanding, resp. surface painting.

4. Spruce wood

Spruce wood will break every household. It is sought after mainly for its shiny appearance, which it acquires even without surface treatment. In addition to the production of furniture, it is also used in the form of beams and trusses.

TOP building material: Advantages of spruce wood

  • It is especially popular for its attractive appearance and smell.
  • It clearly belongs to the most flexible types of wood.

Disadvantages of spruce wood

  • It is not very resistant to wood-destroying insects.
  • It is quite soft, its use is not recommended for the construction.

5. Cedarwood

Cedarwood meets the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and practicality. It is no coincidence that it is used in the implementation of entire wooden buildings. Thanks to its good resistance to moisture, it has also been used in bathrooms.

Advantages of cedarwood

  • Indirect sunlight, it does not fade or lose color.
  • It does not crack and is also resistant to pests.
  • It contains natural oils that protect it from rot.

Disadvantages of cedarwood

  • The price of this wood is one of the highest on the market.

5 interesting things or what you didn’t know about wood

1. The most expensive wood costs $ 25,000

Blackwood wood became famous as one of the hardest ever. Less well known is the fact that it is the most expensive in the world. A single cube sells for $ 25,000.

2. Wood in the cosmetics industry

Not only fruits and leaves from trees can be used in the production of cosmetics. Many manufacturers also reach for natural oils in the wood itself. These have antioxidant effects, thanks to which they are added to creams or soaps.

3. Steam helps bend wood

The production processes associated with bending and shaping wood use various methods. Some companies have also incorporated steam into production. This helps to refine the structure of the hardest types of wood. Just expose it to steam for a few minutes.

4. Hoops are also made of wood

Wood has always been associated with art and creativity. In some parts of the world, the trend of producing wooden rings, which replace the gold ones, has spread.

5. Wood as a versatile material

At present, the use of wood specializes in design and construction. However, it used to be a versatile material from which almost everything was made. For example, wooden radios, telephones, or cameras are well known. Various wooden accessories were even present in the manufacture of aircraft.


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