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Why is screen printing still the best option for stickers?

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There are many printing options for stickers. Digital printing is the most popular method of producing short-run custom stickers online. However, for high-quality outdoor stickers traditional screen printing or offset printing remains the best option.

Why thicker and more vibrant inks are used in Screen printing?

Sire Printing has access to many printing methods and can use different processes depending on the job or customer needs. We offer both offset and digital printing on a wide range of outdoor-friendly materials but it can’t match the durability with screen printed stickers. We don’t have any business interest in promoting screen printing. Screen printing is the best, it’s a fact. Here are some more details about the benefits of thicker, UV-cured, pigmented, screen-printed inks.

Durability- Glossy, screen-printed inks are extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion. They will not fade or chip if exposed to sunlight and other outdoor elements for more than 3-5 years. Additional laminates are not necessary.

Accuracy & Color Vibrancy– Thicker inks mean more vivid, solid colors and better **Pantone match.

Some projects may require other printing methods, such as small runs. Screen printing is a better option for larger quantities and high-quality stickers (e.g. a sticker being sold). Also, screen printing is the most common printing method used when we talk about double sided stickers, for that specific sticker product you cannot finish the final double sided sticker made as it requires solid white backgrounds to make the surface opaque and let the other side ready to offer the printing again.

Remember that the quality of your stickers are just as important as your employees.

You can find many videos on Youtube which gives you an inside look of the large-scale screen printing operations. This method of sticker production is not used by all manufacturers. Not all screen printers use the same materials, inks and presses.

Now let’s discuss some popular sticker items in which screen printing method is renowned best.

1. Permanent Window Stickers

Stickers for permanent windows are made of adhesive that sticks to the glass permanently and cannot be removed easily. The quality of vinyl used can affect how long adhesive lasts. It could take up to seven years for it to start peeling.

When the sticker is not required to be removed immediately, permanent window stickers can be used. After the stickers have been heated up with a hairdryer, they can be removed if needed. The adhesive will be loosened by heat from the hairdryer and it will easily come off. The downside to this is that adhesive residue can often remain on the windows after a window sticker with permanent adhesive is removed.

2. Removable Window Stickers

Window stickers with removable adhesive can be a great choice when stickers need to stay on the window for a prolonged period (3-7 year), but may need to be removed easily. Removable adhesive window stickers can be removed easily within 12 months. They can be removed after 12 months without leaving adhesive residue. Car window stickers To avoid residue on windows after printing, it is best to use a removable adhesive vinyl

3. Static Cling Window Stickers

When the sticker must be removed quickly, static cling or self-cling window stickers are the best choice. This window sticker doesn’t have adhesive, but it ‘clings to’ the window using static suction. They don’t leave any adhesive residue, which is a clear advantage.

However, static cling stickers don’t last a long time. A static cling window sticker has a lifespan of approximately six months. They will eventually lose their adhesive, become greasy and dirtier, and won’t stick to the window.

*Neon and screen printed transparent inks have a 3+ year shelf life.

**Use Pantone Solid Coated numbers to match colors.

***When purchasing custom stickers, double-check the printing method, durability, as well as what guarantees you are receiving.


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