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Why is Rattan Garden Furniture so Expensive?

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Though there are many outdoor furniture available out there, rattan garden furniture is gaining popularity among furniture lovers. But have you ever noticed, the deal of outstanding garden furniture specially made up of Rattan can be so expensive? Many of you may have noticed. There might be several reasons like weaving furniture, cost of good material, demand and many more. So, if you want to learn the core reasons that make Rattan so expensive, then keep going through this blog.

Is rattan garden furniture valuable?

Most people are getting attracted to rattan corner sofa sets because they look cozy, comfortable, elegant, and beautiful. Many home decor professionals also suggest placing one of the garden furniture outdoors to make perfect outdoor seating like indoor. The rattan furniture weaved together in different shapes also provides some classic and antique looks and matches modern requirements. Therefore, we can say Rattan offers excellent value to its users. 

Why is rattan garden furniture so expensive?

If you do some research, you can see that this furniture ranges from $200 to $2000 and even more depending upon the quality, design, seating option, and features. Therefore, you can find this furniture under your budget as well, but how Rattan is so costly, you may think this, right? When you buy rattan outdoor daybeds or any other furniture, you do not pay only for the final product but also for the efforts that artisans consume.

Because the weaving process can be costly and can fluctuate from furniture to furniture, in short, you can find a budget segment for many garden furniture. Still, if you look for the durable Corner sofa dining set with a rising table or any other complete piece, it can be costly. 

Are the rattan and wicker furniture the same?

Most of the shop owners and other people think Rattan and wicker are the same. But this is not the truth because wicker refers to the process or method of weaving furniture, whereas Rattan is the material. Therefore, when you go to buy wicker Garden Corner Sofa Sets.

Then you can see several models made from a variety of similar materials, including natural and synthetic. But in the case of Rattan, you can find only one material in all its shapes and models. Still, the material can be natural or synthetic. 

How much rattan furniture lasts?

If you are willing to get one of the Garden Sofa Sets, you may also want to know the durability of the furniture. If you get poor-quality furniture, it will cost more in the long run and will also not be so durable. Therefore, it is a wise choice to make a good decision in finding a good quality product. In simple words, if you get a wrong or inferior quality product, then your furniture might last up to 3-5 years. However, good-quality rattan furniture that gets proper care can easily survive 7-10 years. 

How can you make your garden furniture more durable?

Most people keep their garden furniture in an open environment only, which can be caused by rain, dust, sunlight, and many other harmful elements. Therefore, it is always better to use some tips to make the 6 seat rattan dining set—the Rattan oxford royal U-shaped sofa set or any outdoor furniture you have. Thankfully we have several crucial tips available. Some of them we are mentioning here so that you can also use and care for your cozy furniture. 

Try to protect furniture from rain and sun.

Rattan furniture can dry if they get complete exposure to the sun because it can extract oil elements from it. As a result, the fibers will start getting torn. On the other hand, if your furniture gets wet and does not dry properly, it will rot. Therefore, you all can keep your garden furniture indoor or under the shed so that it can stay protected from rain and sun lights. 

Oil them and clean timely

Most of the time, you eat outdoors on your furniture, enjoy outdoor parties, and do many things with your outdoor daybeds. Therefore, there are higher chances that there can be some pieces of dirt left. So, in this case, you can take a soap-soaked squeezed towel and wipe the surface gently. Along with this, you can also use a small brush to remove dirt from small spaces. As your Rattan Garden Furniture and other furniture stay outdoors, therefore you should oil them timely. It helps in giving new life to your comfortable and precious outdoor pieces. 

Avoid dragging and provide proper sunlight.

Moving furniture from one place to another is an excellent idea because it helps prevent damage to the bottom of the furniture. But many people drag their rattan garden furniture, which can damage the legs. Therefore, you must avoid doing this and gently lift and place to a desirable place. Also, during the summer, your furniture can get damaged with rainwater to dry it properly. Finally, it would be best if you gave proper sunlight; otherwise, it will start rotting. 


Thus, good-quality rattan garden furniture can be costly for you. Still, sound quality can save hundreds of dollars in the future that you may spend on repairing and other crucial adjustments. Moreover, if you still have any doubts about your furniture tips, you can comment below; we will surely reach out to you. 


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