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Why Is My Bad Breath Problem Not Solving Through Home Remedies?

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Dental hygiene is connected with our overall body functions. Bad breath or halitosis may occur due to numerous reasons. But to reduce the issue, you need to avoid cavities and lower the risk of gum diseases. With consistent practice of good oral hygiene, your teeth and gum stay strong.

However, you should know what causes bad breath.

Bad Breath and the Causes 

Bad breath may seem like a harmless health issue that can be ignored. But sometimes, it can be a sign of something more serious. Here’s what you should know.’

●   Bacteria

Bad breath may arise anytime, all thanks to the hundreds of types of bacteria that live in the mouth. Moreover, our mouth acts like a natural hothouse. This further allows the bacteria to grow. When we eat, the bacteria feed on the mouth and leave a foul-smelling residue behind, and that attracts bacteria.

●   Dry mouth

Your mouth might not have enough saliva. Saliva works around the clock to wash the mouth. When you go for a dentist consultation, bad breath treatment specialists inspect the matter and take the right action to solve the issue. 

●   Gum diseases

Bad breath that won’t go away might be a warning sign of advanced gum disease. If you have persisting oral issues like gum bleeding, then stop ignoring it right away and try browsing for ‘gum bleeding dentist near me.’ Gum bleeding can e a sign of grave oral disease, and it is better to start taking action.

Treating Bad Breath and Halitosis

If you cannot rule out the cause of your bad breath, it’s now the right time to seek help from an expert dentist. If you are unsure about what to do, then start with a simple step like opening your browser and typing “bad breath doctor near me.’ Your browser will suggest the best options available near you. You can also look for area-specific dentists. Suppose you live in Behala, then browse for ‘top dentists near Behala.’ You will get ample options, with testimonials, and of course, reviews. Then from that list you can sort out your preferable Dentists.  

A full dental hygiene treatment and complete cleaning session will drastically reduce the amount of odour. If your bad breath is the result of a denture, then a full and partial dentures treatment in Kolkata can help treat the situation appropriately.

If the issue is due to medications, the dentist will likely suggest alternatives or refer you back to the doctor to obtain other options. 

Keeping mouth fresh and clean

Apart from treatment, there are other areas that bad breath treatment doctors usually want patients to know. In order to keep your breath odour-free, here are some tips you should definitely follow. 

Limit potent foods

After eating a meal heavy with garlic, onion, or other flavours, the food gets digested, delivering nutrients throughout the body. Likewise, the stench of your tasty meal hitchhikes arriving at the lungs, polluting the breath. 

While the odour persists due to residues, the best option here is brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. Besides bad breath treatment doctors recommend limiting the garlic, onions, and some varieties of fish and meaty meals. 

Stay hydrated

The saliva present in your mouth has a significant role to play. One of the important jobs is to flush the mouth of the tiny food particles that stick to your teeth and gums. The absence of saliva is termed dry mouth. Luckily this can be prevented easily. Doctors recommend chewing on a piece of sugar-free gum. 

Sugar-free gum aid saliva production and provides minty freshness to your mouth. If you’re into coffee or wine, swapping that second cup with cold water is the best technique. A simple glass of water helps combat dry mouth as it hydrates the body and flushes away pesky food particles and oral bacteria. 

Overall health

Those individuals with allergies or colds may lead to postnasal drip. These types of individuals may notice breath suffering along with the health issue. Excessive feasting can be an acute ailment. Besides, chronic illness has been known to affect breath. Liver, gum and kidney disease are some of the reasons that contribute to halitosis. 

Teeth Braces

If you are using teeth braces and your bad breath is not going away because of the braces, then it is better to look for ‘teeth braces dentist near me.’ Dentists who are capable and experienced enough to deal with brace related oral hygiene can suggest to you what to do and what not to.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

If you or someone you know is constantly troubled with bad breath, you should know that there are options available. In most cases, bad breath is simply preventable. Moreover, it can be easily remedied. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your breath odour in check: 

● Give up smoking

● Eat balanced diet food and avoid flavoured food

● Cut down sugary food 

● Reduce alcohol consumption

● Drink plenty of water

● Cut down on coffee

● Visit regularly for a dental checkup

Doctors will provide the best recommendation. Living with a bad breath can be extremely frustrating, so be sure to get help. The solution may be simple that includes popping some dose. On the other hand, early treatment is the best course of action if the underlying cause is a more serious medical or dental condition. 


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