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Why is Flutter the best choice for MVP development?

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To get the right mobile apps, the business owners have to invest in the right technology. Along with the right technology, the CTOs have to understand the needs of its customers before rolling out the app. Thus, it becomes essential for the companies to develop a reliable and profound Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

In simple words, MVP can be defined as a basic version of an app that solves all problems. MVP holds a major prominence in the app development realm as it helps the companies to validate their ideas. Be it saving time or prioritizing the user needs, MVP aces in everything and renders a much-needed edge to businesses.

Since, saving time and app reliability are the two mobile important factors in app development, how can we forget Flutter. In fact, there are a plethora of businesses who have adopted Flutter in MVP development and reaped in rich results.

Therefore, in this blog, we will see the factors that make Flutter the best choice for MVP development. Moreover, we will also have a look at the difference this combination can make in the app development realm.

Flutter For MVP Development

Why is MVP development essential for business organizations?

Whether you are a startup owner or have an established business, it is always important to understand customer needs. With MVP development, the business owners can create a bare minimum version of their original app. Thus, it becomes easier to include unique features in an MVP and share it with a pool of your targeted audience.  

Moreover, as we have seen earlier, MVP allows businesses to validate their app idea. Therefore, it makes them comfortable and confident in their project and have better chances to succeed. Various researches also reveal that 70-80% of the startups fail because of poor market research.

So, as a CTO of a company, MVP is the best way to make you realize the real potential of the app. In addition, it will also make you do necessary changes at the earliest and stay ahead of the competition.

Why choose Flutter for MVP development?

Now it is time to look at what makes Flutter the best bet for MVP development.

It increases the app development process

In the modern day business realm, time is very precious. Thus, as a business owner, you must look to invest in technologies that enhance the app development process. Flutter renders speed to mobile app development and will allow your developers to complete the app quickly. With features such as Hot Reload with SDK and the feature makes it easier to view changes done in the app.

In addition, the overall experimentation process becomes faster with Flutter. This happens as the developers are not required to code for the new version from scratch.

It will bring in new investors

Now, if you are a business owner of a start-up, investors will be the most essential part of your business. Now, to attract new investors, it is inevitable for an MVP to have brilliant designs. In this situation, Flutter comes to the rescue as it has an enormous collection of UI features and design.

In addition, Flutter supports SDK material design, motion, Cupertino and visual oriented widgets. Thus, be it for Android or iOS platform, as a CTO, your team can develop impeccable MVPs. The widgets supported by Flutter are easily accessible, and thus it helps the developer to customize design.

Since the investors get an overview of the actual app, they are more likely to get attracted by the product. This makes Flutter the best choice for MVP development as it helps in business expansion.

Cost-effective applications

When as a business owner, you are beginning to find your feet, money becomes a major issue to handle. Cost limitations are a big hindrance that stops companies from working at their full potential. However, the situation is different when you opt for Flutter for MVP development.

Flutter is a cost-effective MVP development option as all you need is a single codebase for app development. Irrespective of the platform, the developers don’t need to write extra lines to run various functions. Thus, it eases out the overall app development process and reduces its cost to a great deal.

This makes Flutter the best bet for both startups and established organizations, and no business likes to spend extra money.

Flutter+MVP: A boon for business owners

The basic aim of developing an MVP for the business owners is to utilize the minimum resources to the core. Thus, Flutter becomes an excellent choice for MVP development as it has Firebase extension that reduces programming on the server-side.

With lesser programming, it reduces the overall development lifecycle of an app. So, as a business owner, you can take the ‘early bird’ advantage at the market by publishing your app. Shorter app development cycle will render you a clear advantage over your peers and assist in reaching the summit.

Best in rendering native performance

When you are CTO of a startup, there may be instances where you have to compromise on quality because of budget. It will dampen the user experience of the app, which will have an adverse effect on its longevity.

But when Flutter is used in MVP development, the mobile app gives the best native performance. This is because the apps are run via codes that are natively compiled without any interpreters. Thus, the mobile app is enabled to quickly maintain the constant 60fps speed. In a nutshell, this speed will increase the overall performance of the application and render better user experience.

Continuous growth and development

Constant growth is very important and as a business owner, you should keep a keen eye on that. When Flutter is used for MVP development, it provides a dynamic mobile application development setup. In addition, it has a dedicated widget engine and UI components that look similar to native platforms.

As the widgets and UI components are flexible, it becomes easier to customize the MVP based on the feedback received.


Mobile app development is a very dynamic space, and it will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Thus, it is important for the business owners to keep pace with the changes and use the right technology. Flutter is an excellent choice for MVP development as it makes customization easy and is very cost-effective. Moreover, Flutter is one of the leading app development frameworks and will continue to rise.


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