Why is education important in society?

In the last century, education has been used to determine most aspects of life. Informal education preceded formal education. Though it is still in existence formal education has taken the course. The quality of education has improved over the years.

Education has great impacts on the social, economic, political, and technological advancement of society. Scholars have done dissertation writing on the importance of education to the society. Findings show that individual achievement bears results to the whole society.

1. Education is a source of power

An educated person is an empowered person. This enables the individuals to cater for themselves in all situations. It gives power to question situations, processes, occurrences, decisions, and authority.

It is only knowledge imparted through education that enables a person to differentiate the usual and unusual. They can hence defend the society from oppression with the power of their knowledge.

2. Creates awareness

 Educated people are aware of their surroundings, their rights, and the general environment. A society of educated people is conversant with policies. They can protest against or try to change the policies that oppress them for a better society.

When a society is aware of their rights, they are in a position to enjoy them. An educated person is familiar with potentials, skills, knowledge, and talents. They possess such skills and can tap them to benefit the society.

3. Enhances dignity

Education gives a class. The more educated people the society has, the more the respect and dignity it possesses.

Educated people live quality life and have a sense of worth. There is pride in the fact that you can afford your standard.

4. Education is the backbone to independence

Educated people are socially, politically, economically, and technologically independent. They have a choice on who to relate with, how to spend money, which gadgets to use, and who to lead them.

5. Create exposure to better career choices

Currently, employers look forward to employing educated people. The more learned you are, the better chance you stand to get good career opportunities. The employer will choose an educated person over less educated person.

Highly earning jobs calls for persons with smart credentials. The better they earn the better they take back to the society in terms of support.

6. Brings growth and development

A society with educated people develops faster. Educated people will always impart positively to the society’s well-being.

They use their knowledge and skills to develop the society. Since they are earning from their jobs, they contribute to the financial well-being of the society.

7. Enhances job efficiency

College education should not be taken for granted. College students who do not take their assignments seriously fail to graduate successfully. If they find the assignment difficult, they should seek college homework help services instead of poor performance.

A fully qualified candidate for a job is preferred to a less qualified candidate. The efficiency of a qualified candidate in the job is better.  A quality academic profile is important for job efficiency.

8. Boosts confidence

With education, you gain the confidence to face different challenges. Educated individuals carry out their operations with confidence.

They trust and believe in their abilities, skills, and knowledge. The possession of academic credentials further boosts confidence in the job-seeking process including interviews.

9. Avails professional services

Doctors, teachers, engineers, accountants, writers, etc. are in these professions based on educational qualifications. They acquired their skills and knowledge via education and became assets in society.

A society with such valuable assets does not suffer. The services are always readily available.

10. Enhances good citizenship

A society with learned people is peaceful and secure to live in. People observe the requirements of the law. They undertake legal operations and co-exist as one despite diversity.

They have respect for the government and observe the policies regulations put in place. Such qualities of a good citizen are imparted by education

11. Help plan for the future

Educated people do not live one day at a time. Instead, they plan for their future, they invest and save for a rainy day in the future. They carry out long-term projects in their communities to help people in the next generations.

12. Develop disciplined life

Education helps people distinguish right and wrong in the social setting. They are socially, economically, politically, and technologically self-disciplined.

13. Expands visions

For an educated person, the achievement of one vision marks the beginning of another bigger vision. They are always matching forward for what they believe.

In general

Importance of education in the society is inevitable. Education determines the general well-being of society. The social integration is commendable, prolifically disciplined, economically stable, and technologically up to date.

Society should value the education of their children. This will boost exponential growth and development. It will also lead to the empowerment of people socially, economically, and politically.

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