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Why is Applozic a better Alternative to GetStream?

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Why is Applozic a better Alternative to GetStream? Hundreds of businesses and organizations from all walks of life. Want chat functionality for their websites and interfaces that connect, convert, and engage customers.

Chat apps that seem great but don’t get the outcomes you desire are a strong indication.

What could be a better alternative than a scalable and intelligently performed? live chat SDK created by a team of professional programmers and efficient servers?

If the chat function is an important element of your business, you can’t afford to skimp on service quality. With Applozic’s configurable user interface kits, full messaging APIs and live chat SDKs, great voice and video messaging clarity, and tight-knit security and data protection, you can build your ideal chat platform.

Key Features of Applozic’s Service

You’re not simply establishing a generic chat hotspot and praying for the best with the top-in-market chat solution; instead, you’re changing your everyday communications with people into interactions that connect, interact, and engage on a real-time basis.

Here are some of the chat product’s most important features:

  • Multi-Platform Support: With the increasing number of technologies and gadgets. Brands must have a chat feature that supports multi-platform operations and platforms, i.e., web and mobile. Applozic’s expertise spans across multiple platforms, giving your business a competitive edge.
  • Extremely Quick Response Times: In the fast-moving and evolving world. There isn’t any place for slow services – that’s why faster sites and apps fare better and earn more revenue. An extremely quick response time is one of Applozic’s biggest USPs. 
  • Email and SMS as a Backup: In the extreme cases when the system is down. Due to external factors or under maintenance, Applozic’s email and SMS options are always at consumers’ disposal. 
  • User Moderation in the App: Moderation protocols are programmed in-app. So that brand owners don’t need to go through all the hassle themselves.
  • Fully Responsive Chat, Voice, and Video Channels: Applozic’s in-app chats are developed. To look interactive as well as be highly responsive for maximum customer satisfaction. Making the chat solution stand out in the marketplace.
  • Functions Across Startups, Unicorn Businesses, and Enterprises With Ease. Irrespective of the size of the enterprise, Applozic never fails to perform.

Industries Using Applozic Chat SDKs in Their Applications

Unlike GetStream, Applozic works with any business to develop targeted, tailored communications from the ground up. It deploys a combination of chat, phone, and video and provides dependable and scalable post-integration services.

Following are the key industries using Applozic’s chat solutions:

  • Marketplace and eCommerce
  • Social communities
  • Gaming
  • Enterprise
  • Healthcare tech
  • Education tech 
  • On-Demand Services
  • Live- streaming

Why Applozic’s Chat Product Outperforms GetStream

Applozic chat solution provides you with a personalized service chat application that you can create and deploy in a matter of hours. Developers can easily design and offer actionable discussions, personalized chat sessions, top-notch encryption, and sentient messaging — all through your app.

  • Real-Time Communication Suite From Start to Finish: Integrate SDKs and APIs for cross-platform conversation, video, and voice mail straight into your app.
  • One-on-One Messaging or Group Chats: Choose between individual texting and group chats to communicate with your consumers.
  • File and Media Sharing: Transmit multimedia assets quickly and easily from your smartphone, including movies, files, still photos, and more.
  • Push Notifications: Send sleek, customized push notifications to your consumers.
  • Read and Delivery Receipts: With automatic read receipts and delivery receipts, providers and customers will no longer have to guess.


GetStream is a viable option for companies. However, if you seek the best chat SDK, consider approaching Applozic as the best get stream alternative. Develop and launch a real-time chat in a tenth of the time with industry-leading docs, sophisticated live chat SDKs and APIs, and communication UI kits.

Thousands of organizations and programmers trust Applozic to create real-time interaction that interacts, sells, and keeps people engaged.


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