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Why Investing in Video Marketing the Best Option for You

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More now than before, things have changed a lot. In the past years, just putting an ad online or sending brochures didn’t guarantee sales. Nowadays, marketing is about getting the right people interested, and the key is sending the right message about your brand to the public. Many marketers are working hard to make brands stand out, but not all can make a substantial impact.

Are you a business owner considering using your marketing budget to hire a video marketing company? Do you need help deciding why you should choose video marketing? This article can help clear up your doubts.

Videos Boost Your Profits and Sales

One big reason to invest in video marketing is the potential for high returns. Videos can expand your reach on social media, bringing in many customers. Did you know that the average person spends about 1.5 hours each day watching videos on social media and other platforms? If your ads appear where your target audience is watching, there’s a 1 in 100 chance someone might buy from your brand. Take advantage of the 82% of the global audience watching videos online.

Videos are Easily Accessible

Videos are now more accessible than ever. There was only YouTube in the past, but now, almost every social media platform lets you watch videos. While these platforms might need to organize content better than YouTube, they still provide a lot of material for people to enjoy. In short, videos are more accessible to consume than other media types.

Videos Increase Engagement

Videos use both sight and sound to grab the audience’s attention. According to the Content Marketing Institute, videos get 10 times more shares, comments, likes, and engagement. Whether you post a video on social media or embed it in a blog post, video content is a favourite among viewers. The survey found that over 72% of the general audience prefers watching videos about brands and products before purchasing.

Videos Improve SEO Rankings

Cisco confirms that over 80% of global internet traffic is related to videos. Many internet users prefer watching videos rather than reading blogs or official content. Just like a well-optimized blog has a better chance of showing up in Google searches, so do videos on YouTube. Videos are now essential to SEO rankings, and Google prefers website landing pages with videos over those without.

Videos Create Brand Awareness

Videos help organizations build awareness for their brand. Whether launching a new brand or changing your marketing strategy, a video can showcase your brand’s value more genuinely than a banner ad on Facebook or a blog post. Video marketing is a powerful tool not only for attracting visitors but also for creating brand awareness.


Winning your audience can be challenging in a world where people’s attention spans are short. However, effective video marketing allows brands to present themselves more effectively to their target markets. If your brand needs help to gain exposure online, create an engaging product animation video to give it the voice and power it needs.


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