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Why Hire No-Win-No-Fee Lawyers?

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The reality of hiring a lawyer to represent your case is that it is an expensive task. When hiring, we spend hours sometimes finding someone who is best to represent our case but also someone who would charge a fee that we can afford.

No win, no fee lawyers however, comes as a great solution when hiring lawyers becomes unaffordable. Take a look at the following to see how these lawyers work and what the benefits you get from hiring them are.

What Is A No Win, No Fee Agreement?

In general, a no win, no fee agreement or legal representation on a contingency basis is an agreement where you do not pay professional fees unless your case is won or successful. This usually applies to legal proceedings where compensation – financial settlements or awards- is granted to you by the court. Most of the time, this applies to personal injury cases.

Where Does It Apply?

Most of the personal injury cases can be represented under this system. A personal injury lawyer is someone who you can hire to represent you after you face a physical or psychological injury due to an intentional act or negligence by another party. This could be an employer in an unsafe workplace, a car accident or even negligence of a medical practitioner. In other words, it is applicable to situations where you have suffered an injury due to an accident that is not your fault.

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How Does It Work?

This usually works in the form of an agreement between you and your personal injury lawyer. When you hire no win no fee lawyers, your lawyer will create an agreement. The agreement will state that you will only pay your legal fees if your claim is successful. If your claim is successful, then, you will get compensation for the injuries you faced. Your lawyer will take a percentage of this amount as the legal fee. The legal fee is the cost that you pay to your attorney for the time and legal expertise they provided you during your case.

Financial Benefits on Your Part

As a client, there are a few financial benefits on your part when you enter into a contingency agreement with your personal injury attorney. Firstly, you do not have to worry about paying a huge amount of legal fee without ever knowing whether you will win or lose your case. Especially in case of the loss, you will be at a huge financial disadvantage since you have paid a large amount of legal fee but received no claim.


Since most of these cases occur after an accident of an injury you face – where you might be financially struggling due to medical bills and other loses – a contingency agreement will be advantageous for you. By hiring personal injury attorneys under a no win, no fee agreement, you will not need to pay before the case. This allows you some time to settle your finances after the accident before you pay your legal fee.

So, if you are looking for good lawyers who you can afford, entering into a contingency agreement will be more financially convenient for you.


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