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Why Hire a Sports Marketing Agency NYC?

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In case you are a sportsperson, you might be thinking if you require a sports marketing agency in NYC. The major reason behind you contemplating an agency is to represent you and help you with all crucial aspects of your career. The major concentration will be at ensuring that you avail the kind of contract & fair market value, which you are authorized with on the basis of your athletic potentials. Sports marketing agencies in NYC are kind of a buffer. Once a president, owner or franchise comes up with a viable offer that a sports marketing agency feels is definitely worth looking for, then they will get in touch with you to discuss the terms and conditions. Here are some of the crucial factors that you require to consider at the time of hiring a sports marketing agency in NYC.

Their cost

Each and every sport is distinct & comes with broad dynamics. A sportsperson will have agencies lining up for representing them. One of the most common errors a sportsperson can make is selecting an agency that might offer a reduced percentage of the contract price when you sign up with them. Though you might be saving a huge amount of funds, you also have to consider that you may be losing out on an excessive amount.

A number of sportspeople take the percentage of the contract they generally negotiate for you instead of the flat rate percentage. You might think that signing up with a sports marketing agency in NYC that has reduced percentage cost makes a lot of sense as compared to hiring the one with increased percentage cost. However, this is not always the case. Ensure that you are thoroughly comfortable with negotiating agent skills, and not only with the amount they are charging. If a sports marketing agency is charging a lower fee, it is just advantageous to you if they are negotiating a high contract amount for you. In case their negotiating skills are below par, you may end up losing a lot of money and higher fees than the other agency might have charged might have been really worth it.


When you look for hiring a sports marketing agency, you want to look out for the one who is trustworthy and honest. Sports is nothing but a multi-billion industry and money can instantly turn any honest person greedy and dishonest. As such, you require someone by your side on whom you can rely on or depend on.

Ensure you are thoroughly comfortable with the sports marketing agency that you select. Remember, this is the agency you are selecting to showcase you & your brand & has the capability to either make or break your whole career. In case you feel very uncomfortable with this individual or do not trust them, approach a different agent. Ensure to take the required time to know the agency. Doing so would assist you to feel them and know what morals they might have or might lack.

Contract terms

When looking out for a sports marketing agency, ask to view contracts for those players whom they presently represent. They can either blackout those players names & salary amounts, as part of confidential data but allow you to see the full terms and conditions. What you should look to pay attention to is how their contract is worded & how their payments are made.

Though it is crucial that a sports marketing agency NYC negotiates a high salary amount just for you, you do not want to choose an agency that necessarily gets you the highest paying check. There are many teams willing to sign up you for increased money in case the terms of such a contract is of any advantage for them. However, if you get hurt or get cut off from the existing team, they might not have to pay out the contract. It is because you would want a sports marketing agency in NYC that negotiates not just a fair salary amount but even terms and conditions that are fair. Ensure to pay attention to the upfront signing amounts, how you are paid if you are cut or injured and the performance bonuses on evaluating an agency’s client’s contracts.


The next factor you require paying attention to when looking for hiring a sports marketing agency in NYC is the reputation they hold. Few agencies have a reputation for being good at their work but causing trouble with the teams. Rest agencies may hold the reputation of being easy with work and getting well along with their sports teams and clients.

Ensure to conduct your research and figure out an agency that holds a good reputation. Though there may be bad and good reviews of any agency from the former and current players, select the one having an overall great reputation and the one you are highly comfortable with. It is because this is the agency that is representing you and negotiating your livelihood. If they in any case end up in the news for facing difficulty at work or not negotiating really well, it might reflect poorly on you.


The ultimate factor you require considering when hiring any sports marketing agency is accessibility. Few of the sports marketing agencies are very busy and are not at all accessible. Rest have very few clients and ensure their clients approach them at any time. You look for a really great balance of the 2 of these & want an agency that will answer you if you have any questions or require any assistance.

Ensure to ask how important you will be to this sports marketing agency? Are the sports marketing agency NYC just available in the course of normal business hours? What if you meet with any emergency and are required to get hold of them instantly? All such questions are crucial for you to factor in when you determine the accessibility of the sports marketing agency NYC.

One of the greatest mistakes athletes commit is letting success & wealthy prospect enter their heads. Whenever an agency contacts such athletes, they instantly view dollar signs & instantly sign up for such sports marketing agencies in NYC. There are various parameters that require consideration when zeroing on any agency. You require to keep in mind their cost, accessibility, honesty, reputation, their terms and conditions before signing them up.


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