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Why has Microblading become a go-to Cosmetic Option for Many People?

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We always observe new trends coming in every month in the fashion and cosmetic industry. Some of those trends are just a part of historical fashion trends, while others are quite creative. Most of the trends become extraordinarily popular and a go-to choice for so many people. This is exactly what happened with the microblading technique.

In the beginning, people took a lot of time to get their hands on this cosmetic procedure, but it gained much popularity with the passage of time. People usually wonder about why microblading has become a go-to choice for natural-looking and beautiful eyebrows.

History of Microblading

Most of the people do not know much about the history of microblading because it was previously known by several other names over the years. Some of those names are listed below.

  • Feathering
  • Micro-stroking
  • Eyebrow tattooing
  • Feather tattooing
  • The Japanese Method
  • Hair stroking

In Asia, microblading artists hypothesized the method of tattooing almost 25 years ago. Then, it became increasingly popular among people who want to get natural, beautiful, bold, and defined eyebrows. This method is highly trending nowadays across the world. 

Reasons why Microblading has become a mainstream Cosmetic Method?

Microblading is a great semi-permanent method in which a tiny tool containing several needles is used to embed pigment into your skin. This method generally differs from the traditional eyebrow tattooing procedure because each stroke is generated by hand. While eyebrow tattooing can only be done with a machine.

Microblading artists often use certain machines to create powder brows, shading, and ombre brows. Combo brows are a combination of both shading and microblading techniques. Microblading is gaining more popularity among beauty enthusiasts as it helps enhance and reshape the appearance of eyebrows. It can also help you change the entire color of your eyebrows.

Microblading embeds pigment into the upper layer of the epidermis so it can fade away more quickly than traditional tattooing techniques. Microblading artists are not tattoo artists because microblading techniques demand special microblading training Calgary. Following are a few reasons why microblading became so popular across the globe.

  • Everybody wants Bold, Natural and Beautiful Eyebrows

Now, people do not want to make their eyebrows look like the pencil-thin brow of the 90s era. The latest trend is bold, thick, and beautiful brows. Trends keep changing with time, but it does not mean that everybody has to follow the trend. People who naturally have fuller and thick brows have been showing off their eyebrows for years regardless of the current trend.

  • It is an Effective and Long-Lasting Option

It is extremely time-wasting and useless to spend a huge amount of time making your eyebrows look fuller and thick with a pencil. Because it can instantly smudge within a few minutes by the first sign of sweat and heat.

However, microbladed eyebrows will never smear, no matter how humid it is outside. Whether you are going for a workout in the gym or for a swim, it will stay there and make your brows look incredibly beautiful.

  • Less Maintenance Required

Most of the women want to have fuller and bold eyebrows, but they are hesitant to do work for it. Maybe they do not have much time to maintain their brows regularly, or they need to work in the most humid and hot place.

Many people cannot invest time in the regular maintenance of beautiful and fuller eyebrows. However, microblading allows people to have their favorite brows without investing time in their maintenance daily.

Microblading Training Courses

Microblading training Calgary courses are gaining more attention with time. Most people choose this permanent and safer procedure of eyebrows enhancement over traditional methods like makeup extensions and tattooing. If you are a beauty buff and want to make cash through your passion, then you must take these microblading training courses.

Getting a certification in microblading training courses will take you to an entirely new world of options. For people who are already running any beauty cabinet, this course will help them gain more clients or customers. For people who are just beginners, microblading certification will enable them to get a high-paid job in this field.

Through a microblading training course, an individual can learn how to make beautiful and bold eyebrows using advanced technology. After getting certification, people can easily implement these techniques to draw in more customers or find the best job as microblading artists.

Microblading training courses can help people save their valuable time used to invest in making their brows look fuller and thicker. As makeup can easily smudge or fade during rain or workout, microblading allows you to perform any kind of activity without worrying about your eyebrows. This procedure needs only two sessions of about two hours for three years of fuller brows.


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