Why GIIS is considered as recommended dubai high school among Parents

Dubai, as one of the top cosmopolitan cities on the planet, is finding the education rate with an expanding number of schools around there. KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) is a functioning instruction controller in Dubai. KHDA is answerable for the development and nature of private schooling and learning in Dubai. It is known for its school appraisals and keeps a severe command. 

Numerous International and private Dubai secondary schools approach instruction with a comprehensive perspective. They keep a record of giving their students openings that help them in all-round advancement. The focal point of these schools is to ensure that the students build up extra abilities that would assist them with getting the best colleges. A secondary school is a significant achievement for any student as it is a venturing stone to getting into an elite college. 

GIIS is one among a significant number of the presumed worldwide schools in Dubai. It guarantees the best scholarly climate for its high schoolers, to develop, learn, improve and be the awesome. This school engages its students to improve and be better each day. GIIS gives the best offices to its students to speed up scholastically. It empowers the students to be in a cheerful report climate and assists them with speeding up in all fields of interest. 

Extra freedoms for Indian High School Students in Dubai 

As a Dubai high school student, there are numerous chances that GIIS gives. These additional chances help the student fabricate his scholarly establishment and furthermore make a solid base to get into some respectable colleges. They furnish their students with the abilities and information that are needed to flourish in the 21st century. Coming up next are probably the best chances that GIIS, Dubai works with the students with: 


GIIS offers its students numerous grant openings. Every one of these grants are open for global students as well. The student’s capacity, adherence, and difficult work are mulled over dependent on the placement test results to choose the correct contender for grants. A portion of the grants gave to students are: 

• Global Future-prepared Merit Scholarship 

• Zayed Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship 

• Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship 

These esteemed grants urge the students to take part in different exercises and buckle down. It is clearly an extra advantage for the student and a star on their resume. 

Around the world Recognized Curricula 

GIIS, as a international organization offers a wide scope of educational plans to its students. The two educational programs that are presented are the GMP (Global Montessori Plus) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). These educational plans offered by GIIS are universally perceived educational plans. Picking any of these educational plans just adds to the student’s upliftment and learning venture. 

Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities 

As referenced before, GIIS takes a gander at schooling from a comprehensive perspective and in this way offers various Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities in its educational program. The methodology here is that Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities help to grow balanced people who are prepared to assume control over any of the forthcoming difficulties tossed at them. These exercises help shape more grounded people with created social abilities, basic reasoning, center, and that’s just the beginning. 

Co-curricular exercises incorporate statement, music club, banter club, dance club, Nikon club, and the sky is the limit from there. The Extracurricular exercises incorporate cricket, soccer, karate, badminton, chess, and different exercises. The students likewise take part in different public and worldwide level rivalries. The students need to necessarily take part in any event one co-curricular and extracurricular movement of their decision. It builds up a feeling of having a place, group building, empowers sound rivalry and commitment. 

College Placements 

Perhaps the best advantage of concentrating as a high schooler in GIIS is that it has college positions every year. A few students get into a portion of the world’s most famous colleges. Indeed, numerous students get set into colleges even before their twelfth grade test results. 

The students get acknowledged into renowned establishments like Cambridge, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Imperial College, London School of Economics, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and some more. The multicultural climate of GIIS assumes a significant part in this interaction. 

students in Indian secondary school are given help and direction by their instructors all through the cycle of use. The students are additionally educated really regarding every one of the colleges and their projects by means of, college visits, school fairs led by GIIS. Directing meetings are given to the students who need them. All students are given direction and important help. 


Consequently, it very well may be effectively said that GIIS furnishes its students with the best help all through their excursion. From grants to college applications, Global Indian International School in Dubai furnishes its students with the best chances to lead them into their future with the additional advantage of giving all the vital direction.

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