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Why Feedback Is Crucial In Thesis Writing?

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A good quality thesis contributes to significant and productive feedback. Feedback is the most important factor for researchers as they don’t indulge in regular classrooms and tutors while doing Ph.D. It is a self-oriented effort with very little help from the supervisor. Where an independent decision-making process is largely involved.

Not all initiatives lead to success followed by regular and timely feedback. It is important to understand whether the effort and energy are getting used in the right direction.

Not always the feedback work. it is crucial to define your effort and energy in the right direction. Regular and timely feedback provides you guidelines followed by the right success.

Improvisation can only be analyzed through proper feedback from supervisors. As an initiative of the regular meet-up is a must for any scholar. Focused and timely supervision provides you fertility to your content instead of casual regular interaction with the supervisor.

Further Discussed Stages Where Strict Supervision From Your Guide Is Must -: 

  • Initial Stage: 

To ensure that the foundation of your thesis is stronger and result-oriented. Find that your ideas are feasible, practical, and result-oriented. The expertise and experience of your guide will lead you to the right pathway towards hassle-free completion.

  • Middle Stage:

At this stage, you are well versed with methodology and approach. You should have analyzed all the information and research towards the desired result. Most of the hurdles and obstacles need to be identified and removed immediately at this stage. A halt can mess your schedule and all your efforts can go in vain. Supervisor help is needed to judge and find out specific input whether you are heading in the right direction or not.

  • Last Stage:

This is very crucial for all approvals and clearances of your hard work. Thus you need to seek guide supervision who will judge the quality of your work. Further help you to present all your research and acquired knowledge in a better way.

You will not be aware of few suggestions from the supervisor due to being a novice. But taking the right feedback into consideration, your work can be enriched and improved at this stage.

Importance of Feedback -:

Scholars consistently search for ways to make their learning better. It here effective feedback plays a crucial role. Be it positive or negative, it helps in taking important decisions. Scholars deliberately ask for feedback, as it establishes weaknesses and strengths of their research and knowledge techniques.

Effective feedback provides guidelines to the giver, receiver, and future prospect as well. Below mentioned is the importance of feedback:

1. Feedback In Any Form.

Feedback is always there even when we communicate with any person. It takes a form through survey, performance, or evaluations while seeking knowledge.

2. Effective Listening is Best Feedback.

Feedback taken has to be understood and analyzed well upon receipt. As it provides many valuable insights feedback needs to be explained and how it can be utilized.

3. Motivation

Proper feedback motivates the researcher to perform better. It makes the student feel valued and appreciated which can help to formulate better decisions. It can also help to build better working relations with a guide or supervisor.

4. Feedback Can Improve Performance

Feedback is mistakenly considered negative criticism. But if taken constructively it will definitely improve and increase your performance. It will help to make better goal-seeking decisions.

5. Constant Learning Tool

Constant feedback keeps you aligned to goals, creates strategies, develops productivity and improvement, sustains relationships with the guide, and many more. Life-long learning is a pathway towards a better future and life. So, invest time in asking and learning about how other researchers work within their domain. Know their pros and cons and develop your own way of success.

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