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Why Does The Professional Year Program Make Migration Easier?

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In recent years, a special type of education program has been gaining popularity among international students. This program is specially designed for recent university graduates who are looking for better placements in Australian sectors. And, it has been named the Professional Year Program (PYP).

A PYP is delivered over one year and consists of both formal educational teaching and internship. The most significant point about this program is that it helps students find a permanent job after course completion.

In addition to professional benefits, there are other benefits too, which we have discussed in the latter part of this write-up. Go through the following sections to understand the topic better.

What is a professional year program in Australia?

  • A professional year program in Australia is delivered in engineering, Computer Science, and Accounting. Thus, to enrol in such a program, you will need to graduate in one of these mentioned areas.
  • However, graduating with a good result will not be enough to enrol in the program. You must hold a Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. This visa is a temporary Australian visa that allows international students to stay for some additional years.
  • English language requirement is another eligibility criterion you must meet. Achieving at least 6 band scores in each Academic IELTS module is a must.
  • In addition, you will need to take a skills assessment test conducted by the relevant authority.

Structure of the program

This program is delivered over 44 weeks in any Australian institute and is offered to graduates in IT, Engineering, or Accounting. There are two basic units under this program, which are discussed here.

  • The Classroom Teaching

In the first 32 weeks of the program, the tutors are assigned to teach students a large number of topics specific to their fields. Common topics usually include:

  1. Basics of the job market in Australia
  2. Business communication training
  3. Rules and regulations that need to be followed in workplaces
  4. Safety and health measurements followed in the workplaces
  5. Career coaching
  6. Valuable tips for resume writing
  7. Interview tips

A team of qualified mentors and subject experts conduct these classes with in-depth knowledge and experience in their fields. This 32-week period will help you gain enough motivation to go past all the barriers in your professional life and find the correct direction to reach your career goals.

  • Placement And Internship Program

Of the 44 weeks, the last 12 weeks’ time is dedicated to the internship program. Here you will be placed in a leading company in your chosen industry to complete your internship program. Thus, this program will give you practical experience of the work environment persisting in Australia.

In an internship program, you will get the opportunity to practically apply the knowledge you have learned in your classroom training. You can attend various company events, meet top-rated industry influencers, develop friendships with your managers and peers, attend decision-making sessions, create a professional network, deal with clients and handle formal meetings, learn various communication skills, and develop awareness and sensitivity about Australian culture. All these training sessions will make you an asset to a team.

Suppose you enrol in an accounting professional year program. Then, you can attend classroom teachings to learn basic things about accounting and relevant finance and accounting seminars and events to experience the Australian business sector.

How Can The Professional Year Programs Assist You In Career Migration?

A professional year course from a reputed institute in Adelaide or anywhere in Australia will make your career migration easy and smooth.

  • First of all, a professional year program gives an international student a lot of scope to develop personally and professionally. From improving your non-verbal and verbal communication skills to boosting confidence from practical work experience, a professional year program will make you ready for your giant step towards your professional career.
  • If you can show overwhelming performance in the structured internship program, the hosting company can recruit you for specific tasks or projects.
  • While attending the placement program, you can develop networks with industry leaders and professionals. Discussion with them will help you find new opportunities to grow your employability.
  • Last but not least, finishing a professional year program will help you get 5 additional points in your Australian permanent residency application. In short, it will only increase your chances to fulfil your dreams of staying permanently in Australia. These extra points can compensate for the points lost in the parameters like experience or age.

For international students, attending such a program acts as a breakthrough if they want to work in Australia. Also, the knowledge you will earn in a PYP will always keep you a step ahead of your competitors in the job market.

Other Benefits Of Attending A Professional Year Program

In addition to the specific professional developments and migration benefits discussed above, these programs also have other advantages. And it applies especially to IT and Accounting graduates.

  • Sometimes, Accounting graduates find it challenging to score an individual band score of 7 in each module in an Academic IELTS. But it is a mandatory requirement for skills assessment. In that case, doing a professional year program in Accounting in Adelaide can be shown as an alternative.
  • IT students can also use it as an alternative to their 12-month work experience requirement for the skills assessment.

Who Can Help You?

There are some recognized programs in the three eligible fields, and you must enrol in one of them. For specific information, you can get in touch with the leading education consultants in Adelaide. These top-rated consultants can help you know about enrolment waivers, discounts, and other beneficial information.

They can also help you in finding the best institute and course program for you. Thus, for any specific queries, you may get in touch with them. Generally, these consultants are readily available and also have the knowledge to guide students.


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