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Why Do You Need To Opt for Video Hosting Platforms Online?

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Why should we pay for it if we can get it for free? Why can’t we just do it ourselves? That’s
exactly what comes into most people’s minds when they think of video hosting. Well, for
starters, the DIY approach isn’t the viable one here considering the quantum of work, massive
costs, and maintenance it will require. Moreover, if we give some thought to free hosting
platforms like YouTube, there are many compromises in revenue and other aspects a business
has to incur. In the end, it’s not profitable.

The most efficient way to go is to opt for a professional video hosting platform online. Thanks to
sophisticated infrastructure, a professional video hosting platform has the technology and
network to deliver your content. They also offer better security especially with DRM service,
reduce chances of plagiarism, and provide a smooth interface to upload and track videos. Let us
take a detailed look at some striking reasons why you need to opt for video hosting platforms

1 Measurable Analytics

The more the specialization of a platform, the better are its analytics. While many free video
hosting providers offer aggregate data about the views on your video, the details are much
more intricate with a professional video hosting platform. There are different metrics a business
needs to track the performance of its videos and that’s exactly what a professional video
hosting platform provides. For instance, you can check how users came across a particular
video, what they did on your website after watching the video, and other insights related to

2 Better Security

Video content is a business’s intellectual property meant to be protected from hackers and
attackers. With a good video hosting platform, you can control which users can view your video
content. If you have chosen a platform offering Widevine & Fairplay DRM services, you don’t
have to worry about plugins and downloaders capturing your video. In other words,
professional video hosting platforms help in fighting piracy with high-end security features.

3 Enhanced Customer Support

We all get what we pay for. Isn’t that how the world works? Businesses can’t afford delays when
it comes to getting their queries cleared up or troubleshooting. When you pay for a professional
video hosting platform, someone will always be at a constant beck and call to cater to your
queries. They will have a dedicated customer support team to ensure a positive user experience
by providing proper guidance and solving problems as they arise.

4 Improved Content Control and Customization

Did you know that so many free video streaming platforms use targeted advertising and show
users unsolicited ads in every video? This is something that can have a majorly negative impact
on your branding. Professional video hosting offers a more streamlined and sleek user
experience to your viewers.

You also have complete control over your content since the hosting platform doesn’t get to
decide the approval of your videos. Therefore, you can keep on uploading, repackaging, and
sharing videos without fretting over the impact of the platform on your content.

Most businesses also have live video streaming as an integral part of their video marketing plan.
The right platform also allows businesses to record those live streams available to viewers to
watch according to their own convenience.

5 Better Content Management System

Whether it’s the platform’s own Content Management System or the ability to integrate with
another CMS, video hosting platforms offer a wide range of features. They also offer a
dashboard to easily upload videos, add subtitles, edit videos, keep them organized, offer proper
analytics, and configure different security settings.

You can also create a custom playlist that provides an easy way to manage a vast video library.
This way, regardless of the number of videos you upload, it offers quick viewing with search and
category features. After all, a good business video hosting solution is much more than merely a
place to keep your video content stored.

Summing It Up

Video marketing has turned out to be one of the most crucial steps of a business plan. There is
already a massive information overload out there. It’s time to isolate your videos from all the
distractions. If you don’t back all your business videos up with a leading professional video
hosting platform, you risk making them vulnerable to various security threats. Not to mention,
unnecessary distractions can drive viewers away.

Of course, you won’t have that issue if you opt for a secure video hosting platform such as
VdoCipher. Not only are plugins and softwares unable to download your videos, they can’t
capture the screen, thanks to encrypted DRM video streaming. Additional advantages include
better website engagement, conversions, and ROI. It’s time to bring the best face of your
business out while protecting your intellectual property. If you have any queries or thoughts on
this subject, sound off in the comments below.


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