Why do You Need an MOT exam?

MOT Test Redditch

MOT stands for Ministry of transport. This MOT test is therefore regulated by the governing body to check the vehicle’s roadworthiness. This test has undeniable importance and is made compulsory for every vehicle owner. MOT is mandatory for every owner whose car is 3or more-year-old and is an annually performed test.

MOT Redditch aims to ensure your and your vehicle’s safety on the road. Getting your MOT certificate is your responsibility to prove your vehicle is worthy of driving on the road.

What Does MOT Include:

The MOT test is more like inspecting your vehicle’s safety parts. To ensure that your automobile is adequately maintained, all physical elements that guarantee safety while driving are checked. Details like your tires, seat belts, vipers, gates, windows, windows, mirrors, headlights, and brakes.

During this test, basic inspection is done, unlike proper Car Servicing.

  1. Tyre tread depth is measured. Minimum 1.6 mm tyre depth is required in the whole UK.
  2. There should not be any stickers on the front glass stopping the view of the driver.
  3. Seat belts must be in good functioning order.
  4. Your tyres must provide a short stopping distance.
  5. Brake lights must be working well-coordinated with the brakes.
  6. The headlights must function correctly.
  7. Your vehicle should be neat from the inside.
  8. Viper must move precisely, cleaning the windshield.

These are some of the things that are noticed during your MOT test. It is effortless to fail your test if your car is not well serviced and maintained.  

When can You Fail the MOT Test Redditch?

  1. Excessively worn-out tyres can result in a failed MOT test.
  2. The poorly maintained car often fails.
  3. If any element of your automobile that offers safety is not fully functional, you will most likely fail this test.

If you failed your MOT test, you would have to again apply for the retest. You can leave your car at the garage for ten days for complete servicing and a retest. And also, you can take your car back, get its services and get your retest. If found without a pass MOT certificate, you can be charged with a high penalty, and authorities can even ban your license. If you fail at your retest as well, your car will be signified as unworthy for driving. Driving without a certified MOT and or failed MOT certificate is considered a crime in the UK. So it is best to get your MOT Redditch done to ensure your safety.

MOT Test vs Car Servicing 

  1. Although MOT is also an inspection procedure, just like car services, it differs from car servicing.
  2. When the car is serviced, both internal and external parts of the vehicle are checked and fixed, but only safety-related parts are checked during MOT tests. It is more like a minor check.
  3. Getting your car’s MOT test annually is mandatory, while you can get your car serviced whenever you want.
  4. Mot test measures car emissions according to the government regulations while there is no regulation and rules in getting your car serviced.

Both Car servicing and MOT tests might not be similar, but they are interlinked to each other. With regular servicing, your car has a higher chance of passing the MOT test in the first hit. Poorly maintained vehicles end up giving retests and spending money. Getting your automobile serviced regularly might save you money in the long term. Your car’s health and performance will be maintained with orderly servicing. It will not only check your car’s efficiency and fuel consumption but also check safety standards. It’s recommended to get a car service just before getting your MOT test. It will keep your car up to date.

Though it is not a legal necessity to get your automobile maintained, the MOT test has its own set of rules and restrictions. Therefore, it is performed under government regulations.

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