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Why Do MMA Fighters Wear Tight Shorts?

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Because otherwise, they’d be boxers!

The number of people taking up Mixed Martial Arts has increased over the past several years, with a growing number of people choosing to take part in martial arts for self-defense needs.


As part of these martial arts, participants will use different techniques to grab and strike the opposition, and, therefore, will need suitable clothing that is designed specifically for this purpose.

Due to its rise in popularity, there is now a huge range of clothing on the market for people who choose to take part in these sports, with clothing manufacturers using the highest cutting edge technology to design clothing that both enhances the performance of the participant in addition to providing the comfort and durability needed to perform well in their martial arts.

Shorts are an essential aspect of any MMA uniform.

But why do MMA fighters wear tight shorts?

Shorts are there to provide comfort and movement that is unrestrictive during training sessions and fights. They protect all participants during fights from pulling, tearing and injury, while still allowing enough skin exposure to effectively grip onto opponents during fights.

It is, therefore vitally important that the correct type of shorts are worn by MMA fighters which allow for flexibility, movement, durability, and safety.


Stretchy Panels

The design of MMA shorts is distinctive compared to other types of gym shorts. This is because most MMA sports require the fast and flexible movement of limbs in several directions. This means that fighters will need to wear shorts with material that has some flexibility and stretch that does not tear during fights or training. This is why the need to have stretchy panels, particularly around the crotch area. The panels are made from spandex and tend to be much more comfortable for fighters than those without panels since the pressure is applied and the panel then expands preventing ripping and tearing of the material of the shorts.

Unique Materials

Shorts used in MMA a made from a composite material made from Spandex and Polyester. These are most commonly used to make shorts that are lightweight and flexible. They also have antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria from growing and creating unpleasant smells. Fabrics made from composite materials are typically breathable and comfortable for sportspeople to wear.

 Split Seams

Allowing for free movement, split seams are an important feature, allowing free movement during high leg kicks and grappling associated with MMA. Split seams minimize the risk of tearing, making them flexible for MMA fights.

Velcro Fastening

Velcro fastening, in addition to flexible materials, is used to keep the shorts in place and reduce the risk of shorts falling down. The dual velcro fasting at the front and horizontal on the waistband helps to keep shorts secure, as well as protecting the drawstring so that it cannot be pulled down.

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