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Why Cookery Courses A Better Career Option In Australia?

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Living and working in Australia is a dream come true for many individuals across the globe. The country welcomes both students and working professionals and provides a wide range of job opportunities. Since the country is well-known for its food culture, becoming a chef is pretty high. There are many Australian institutes out there that are providing top-notch chef training courses for all interested individuals. 

Experts say that Australia is viewed as one of the leading countries globally with a qualification in cookery courses within the culinary field. Over 22,000 restaurants and food outlets are available within the country, and about 60% of the cooks have received training on-shore. 

Why Opt For Cookery Courses?

Opting for professional cooking courses will give you the chance to become a professional chef. You can either work at a well-known restaurant or open your own food business. But there are numerous purposes to why you should opt for this particular course. Let’s take a look at those reasons. 

    1. It’s Viewed As A Growth Industry Job:

 The hospitality sector stands out as one of the main sectors of Australia and is expected to grow by $108 billion by 2023. This will help in producing many job openings for chefs de parties, and cooks. There is a high demand for professional and highly-experienced cooks who will manage and train the kitchen staff. There is also the need for cooks who will plan and develop unique dishes while ensuring high health and food hygiene standards. 

    2. It’s Pretty Creative: 

Taking up this particular course will provide you with a high level of creativity, which will enable you to create unique and never-heard-before cuisines. You will also get the chance to innovate as much as possible to offer your customers an entertaining experience. 

    3. Get To Share Your Love For Food: 

One of the biggest reasons to opt for the cookery courses in Australia is that you will get the opportunity to share your love for food. Working as a professional chef can be pretty challenging for you as the environment is face-pace and carries a high level of pressure. But if you are passionate about food, it surely becomes a gratifying career for you.

 Commercial Cookery Courses: An Overview 

When you are determined to become a professional cook, you need to opt for the right course to get started. For such reasons, the Commercial Cookery Courses stands out as the best choice for you. You will come across some of the best chef courses from which you can choose the one according to your requirements. Let’s check them out!

    1. Certificate III in Commercial Cookery [SIT30816]: 

The course is delivered within 52 weeks, and you will also receive 12 weeks of holidays. You gain knowledge, create cost-effective menus, and develop essential skills to make dishes according to cultural and dietary needs. The course will also help you become a competent cook within a commercial kitchen and receive training within different cookery methods. 

    2. Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery [SIT40516]: 

This course will learn how to lead a team and develop competency. You will also obtain an excellent understanding of how to implement food safety programs and operational plans. Apart from that, Certificate IV will also help you get budgeting, people management, and inventory control skills. The course is 26 weeks long, and you need to complete Certificate III to apply for this course. 

    3. Diploma of Hospitality Management [SIT50416]: 

If you are interested in becoming a competent chef, this particular course will surely help you. You will acquire skills like budgeting, operational planning, financial management, and inventory control. The diploma of hospitality course is passed over 26 weeks, and you must complete Certificate IV before you opt for this particular course. 

    4. Advanced Diploma Of Hospitality Management [SIT60316]: 

The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality course will help you receive all the competencies to become a senior manager within a functional hospitality location. You will gain the skills to execute, design, and analyse judgments using various managerial, technical, conceptual, or creative competencies. Apart from that, the course will help your work in numerous hospitality settings such as coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, catering operations, cafes, hotels, and pubs. 

Is It Possible To Start Your Own Restaurant In Australia?

In short, yes, you can. The majority of individuals wish to have their own food business within Australia. You need to follow the right path and the correct qualification to run and operate your very own restaurant. Even though the career option in cookery courses is massive, opening your own food business will make you more independent. You will get the chance to become your own boss and operate a successful eatery within this highly profitable sector. 

How Much You Will Earn As A Professional Cook In Australia?

In Australia, the annual income within the commercial cookery area ranges from AUD 45,000 and might go over to AUD 100,000. The remuneration package contains a base salary, superannuation, and rewards. Even though the road towards success within the cookery sector might look a bit rusty and long, but it’s probably worth it, and you will surely reach there. 

Interesting Facts You Should Know About The Cookery Sector

There is a massive scope in careers within patisserie, baking, and cooking in a country like Australia. The demand for chefs has increased within the country within the past five years. Currently, the hospitality industry has a growth rate of 14%, and experts believe that commercial cookery requires about 120,000 jobs. The Government of Australia is making sure that the industry has solid growth within the next five years to provide 80,000 brand-new job openings. 

Wrapping Up

When you love cooking and want to build a career out of it, make sure to opt for an excellent cookery course. The course will provide proper knowledge, skills, and understanding within commercial cooking so that you can become a professional and skilled chef. After becoming a chef, you are free to open your own business or manage the kitchen and the staff members of a decent restaurant. 

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