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Why Business Models Help Company Valuation in UAE

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Why business models are important in determining the future success and financial stability of a valuation company? The essence of business is to create an environment that facilitates growth and development. However, what occurs in a business is termed as the “business model”. A good business model helps the company to adapt to changes in the market, as well as become profitable.

There are many reasons why the valuation of a company is important. In particular, a good valuation will be able to provide a sound base or foundation on which the financial audit and other risk assessments can be based upon. In business, many different circumstances often call for business valuation by company incorporation UAE. This is because:

Business Valuation

What is the importance of business valuation when companies from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are investing in international joint ventures? According to an opinion survey, only 33 percent of companies in the UAE have established a strong balance sheet. This means that most companies, even the largest ones, do not have anything that can be considered as an asset. Many businesses that exist today do not have the means to continue as profit-making entities in the long run.

Companies with effective business models can overcome this deficiency, as they can prove to be viable and sustainable in the long run. This is possible thanks to their ability to utilize cost-effective and efficient operations. Their ability to reduce operating costs is the key factor that leads to the valuation of a firm. It is also believed that business models play a major role in the determination of a firm’s future profitability.

Financial or Competitive Pressures

As a business valuation is important, it is imperative to ensure that the business model chosen for a venture is robust enough to withstand any financial or competitive pressures. A well-prepared venture should have an effective management team and a sound strategy in place. This will help the venture to weather any storm during the initial period of operation. Good management teams are the key to ensuring that the venture’s capital structure is sound and that it is able to meet any financial challenges encountered during the period of operation. A good strategy will ensure that the company does not experience any significant losses during the first few years of operation.

Why Business Models Help Company Valuation?

The reasons include reduced risk associated with ventures in risky industries. Research conducted by Bain in 2021 indicated that firms in sectors like technology, IT, health care, and the financial services industry were much more volatile than other types of firms. A study on the value of a publicly-traded company by Wells Fargo indicated that the value of a firm will depreciate faster than the overall economy of the country due to the high level of unabsorbed capital. A study by Deloitte indicating the financial health of a firm is also influenced by the value of its business models.

The valuation assistance provided by a good business model will ensure the long-term sustainability of a firm and help ensure its competitive edge over other similar enterprises. It will give the company a unique advantage over other firms by helping it identify and target untapped markets. A good model will provide management with a clear roadmap for the future growth of the firm and facilitate the adoption of best practices by management.


Why business models help company valuation? Value creation through a good business model is the most efficient way of identifying, acquiring, and utilizing new opportunities. The value created by these processes is then translated into cash flows from operations, offsetting any negative cache effects resulting from acquisitions or mergers. A good valuation assistance tool will help the enterprise value to create a clear picture of its future acquisition activity and cash requirements. It will then provide management with a strategy to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented by the market.


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