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Why are Indian Developers Good to Hire for Programming?

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Outsourcing web development to Indian Developers is considered to be one of the most preferred web development methods. The annual sales of “Indian IT services” reached $150 billion, which is 9.5% of the country’s GDP, according to HackerRank. 

This industry employs 3.7 million people worldwide. According to the study authors, their skills are insufficient for the modern economy. Does not need programmers in C, C ++, Java and Visual Basic. The languages ​​themselves may not be bad. The idea of ​​computer science can be formed with their help, but they are inexpressive and “verbose”.

Nowadays, you need to program in JavaScript, Golang, Python, Ruby Or Racket. The languages are needed for programming big data processing, artificial intelligence systems, robotics and machine learning.

Choices of Outsourcing

A very important and rather difficult task is avoiding stereotypes’ influence. We are taking into account the different opinions and experiences of other companies. And we’re going to take a closer look at this topic.

Probably among the most popular countries and regions for IT outsourcing. Are India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Europe (namely Eastern Europe, where the Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine stand out especially)?

When a company makes a decision, it must consider factors such as communication skills, technical competence and experience, customer feedback, approach to work, budget, time differences and other characteristics.

Why choose Indian Developers?

Why Choose Indian Developers for IT outsourcing? Because there is a widespread belief that India offers services at the lowest prices. Usually, the development process starts with the client’s requirements for the project and their analysis. And specialists from India often answer “yes” to everything, giving the impression. They will do everything without delay, but this is not always true.

 Indian Developers learn from scratch in the workplace.

There are a lot of them; they are constantly changing. As soon as you explain some obvious thing to one, another asks you the same question the next day. This is understandable; such a virtual employee is trained from scratch right at the workplace, bypassing. The usual stages are studying at the institute with tests and exams, practising at the enterprise, etc.

Reliable solutions

Indian programmers offer reliable solutions at reasonable prices. The knowledge and experience of the developers here are high. And companies always make every effort to provide their customers with the highest quality products and services, meeting deadlines and working hard.

Strict programming

They write the program according to the technical assignment (technical specifications). Accordingly, a phrase or a sentence in the requirements can be understood in two ways. Then they will make the option that is easier for them without really thinking about the fact that this may turn out to be complete nonsense. And there is always a strong counterargument – write the requirements, so everything is clear.

Experts in their field

Outsourcing can help keep costs down, but that doesn’t mean you end up with low-quality code. Remembering that a person should never compromise on quality is always important. According to various studies, it can be said that Europe ranks high in the world of developers.

A talented development team will always perform better and achieve better results than a freelance developer. IT outsourcing is so good that there is no need to worry about the development team’s knowledge. The outsourcing company has already verified the knowledge of the development team. Itself before hiring them.

If you hire a good website development company, they must have years of experience. And they will always have the best idea to help their clients grow their businesses.

Personal development of Indian Developers

Suppose there is a knowledge comparison between in-house developers and a development team provided by an outsourcing company. Then the latter will always win. When hiring your development team, care must be taken to grow their knowledge. In a software company, developers are always updated with the latest developments. And the team is exploring many new technologies.


When a person is responsible for hiring in-house developers to develop their project, the developer could get sick, delaying its release.

But when a person outsources software development. Then there is no chance of delay, as the software development company is responsible for providing the development team. And if the developer gets sick, the company can provide its client with any other developer. But if you do not hire a suitable outsourcing company. Then all the benefits mentioned may turn out to be disadvantageous.

Cheap services

A significant pool of skilled workers characterizes the Indian IT market. And the local labour force is cheaper than in the world’s developed countries. If in the USA, the average annual salary of a programmer in 2007, according to experts, was about $90,000.

Then in India, the labour of a highly qualified full-time engineer in the same year costs $ 30 thousand. At the same time, the pay gap in labour in India is in comparison with other countries. Participating in global outsourcing is gradually decreasing. Thus, the cost of Indian personnel in 2007 was equal to that of personnel in Eastern Europe and twice that of personnel in China.


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