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Why A Nursing Degree Is A Good Idea in 2022

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We have witnessed an exponential growth in the importance of nurses during the pandemic. There is no questioning their efforts during such times of need and uncertainty. Nurses are the backbone of a healthcare system. They are trained to advocate for health promotion, spread awareness, participate in rehabilitation and provide care and support. Such high responsibility makes nursing one of the most sought-after jobs today. To decide whether this career is path is beneficial for you, look at these reasons you should get a nursing degree in 2022.

1. Job security and growth

One of the first things we consider before deciding on a career path is future employment security. Nursing happens to be on the list of the safest and most stable career choices when it comes to job security. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Projections 2019-2029, registered nurses are among the top occupations in job growth. There is an expected rise in registered nurses from 3 million in 2019 to 3.3 million in 2029.

However, the world has always seen a shortage of nurses. A high patient-to-nurse ratio leads to increased errors, burnout, and mortality rates. Hence, nursing jobs will always be available. This market will never be too saturated, with an expected increase of 17% in the aging population by 2050.

2. A Wide Range Of Specializations Are Available

A nursing degree does not limit you in terms of specialization. Students can do anything, from pursuing a degree in anesthesia nursing to completing an online MSN FNP course. A general degree does not have to be the end of your educational experience. Once you have completed that, specialization in any of the wide variety of fields available will polish your profile even more. Some of the most famous specializations are nurse-midwife, ICU nurse, dialysis nurse, and clinical nurse.

3. Increasing Salary

The shortage of nurses in the previous years has increased their salaries. An increase of 4% is reported in the average annual salaries of nurses during the first nine months of 2020. This increase can be attributed to high turnovers, work fatigue, and an attempt to combat burnout. Studying for a nursing degree will ensure great employee benefits and a stable income. The highest-paid nurses include a certified registered nurse anesthetist ($181,000), Neonatal Nurse Practitioner ($125,000), Cardiac Nurse Practitioner ($114,000).

4. A Rewarding Career Path

Nursing is considered a highly fulfilling and trusted job. It is a responsibility that requires both physical and emotional efforts. Even though the job is demanding, nurses’ emotional rewards are worth it. Caring for patients with kindness and respect brings loads of emotional satisfaction. Witnessing improvement and complete recovery are moments of joy that overshadow the negatives. The relationships built with patients, who stay for a long period, can last a lifetime. People view nurses as heroes and saviors.

5. Many Job Opportunities

If the thought of working at a public hospital intimidates you, you can always choose to look for another job opportunity in this field. A nursing degree opens you up to a plethora of choices. If you wish to join the army, you can work on a military base, or if you like kids, a school nurse can be a great option for you. Public hospitals usually experience a high patient inflow. The routines are hectic, and there are chances of burnout. In a scenario like this, you can opt for working at a private clinic that is significantly less busy. They might also give you an advantage of a flexible schedule.

6. Makes You A Useful Individual

Nurses have been trained to respond to emergencies promptly and correctly. This knowledge and skill are not limited to their workplace only. Nurses can be of great help in saving lives outside of hospitals too. In cases of emergencies or accidents at events or on roads, nurses can take important measures to buy a person some time until they reach the nearest hospital. Providing first aid or performing CPR is a skill not every common person is trained for. Knowing that there is a nurse around provides a sense of security. This makes nurses very impactful and useful individuals in society.

7. Easy Access To Online Programs

There has been a major shift in education in the previous years due to the pandemic. With an increase in remote learning, more schools have realized the need to convert to online or hybrid modes of education. Owing to this change, a huge number of schools have begun offering online nursing programs, be it for a general degree or a specialization. The advantage of such programs includes flexibility and affordability. If you wish to pursue a degree in nursing but from a school far from you, joining an online program is just the right decision.

8. Flexible Employment Schedule

Contrary to popular beliefs, a nurse’s schedule can be flexible and can allow time for a mental repose. Nurses at hospitals have to work a fixed number of days of the week. Moreover, school nurses can take summer holidays just like the students do. They can also work temporarily. Special contracts require you to fill in for an unavailable staff member or an empty position for a certain period. As an on-call nurse, you can be called only in times of emergency. The flexibility of your schedule depends on where you choose to provide service and the terms of your employment contract.

It is no surprise that nurses have hectic routines. Their work can be physically and emotionally draining. Long working hours and catering to different kinds of needs can be frustrating, but the positives of this job beat the negatives by a huge margin. Nursing is a job that will remain in demand forever. As soon as you are out of school, there will be a job available for you. The growing demand for nurse practitioners is an incentive for people to choose this degree in 2022. There has been a complete reset in the health industry due to the pandemic. It is wise for the youth to take advantage of these increasing needs and salaries to have stable future employment and income.


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