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Why a Mink Fur Coat is Better Than Any Other

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By now, everyone should be aware of how luxurious fur coats are. They are incredibly culturally and fashionably significant and hold a lot of practical value, as well. Not only do fur coats look, feel, and are expensive, they also provide a lot of needed warmth in the cold winter months.

Fur coat wearers don’t just wear fur coats as a fashion statement, fur is one of the best ways to keep warm when it’s cold outside. Especially in regions where temperatures can dip down below freezing or even colder, fur coats may be a necessity.

However, some furs are arguably better than others when it comes to outerwear. The most common types of fur used for coats and jackets are fox, rabbit, coyote, and mink furs. All of these authentic furs are quite luxurious, soft, and warm, but depending on personal preference, there is one fur that may stand out from the rest.

That fur has got to be mink fur. Not only are mink fur coats and coats so warm and cozy, but they also look extremely elegant and fashionable, as well! Compared to synthetic fur or fibers, mink fur keeps you exponentially warmer and more comfortable. Not only does it look good, but it also lasts a very long time and is incredibly durable. If a mink fur coat is properly taken care of, it can last years upon years.

Mink fur is said to be one of the softest furs known to man, ranging around 30 times softer than human hair. It is one of the softest furs in the entire world and that is what makes it so special. Not only is this fur extremely soft, its color resembles a silvery- a charcoal hue that cannot be duplicated with any type of dye or coloring. That type of look on a jacket is something that can’t be accurately duplicated, so by sporting a mink coat, you will look unique and stylish.

However, when thinking of purchasing a mink fur coat to add to your other great collection of winter apparel, consider ethically sourcing your fur. Minks are considered a concerned species, so the fur should be ethically sourced to fulfill your fashion dreams of owning a mink fur jacket or coat.

The main reason why mink is so highly sought after is due to its soft texture and overall ability to create warmth. Mink is said to be one of the softest furs money can buy. Who doesn’t want to be wrapped in fur so soft and warm it’s like a luxurious blanket?

If you’re in the market to purchase any new furs, consider checking out the extensive collection from the leading fur retailer of Maximilian. Maximilian has become one of the highest quality retailers of fur, so there’s no other place to turn to for fur coats and accessories.

If you are interested in finding out more about the fur coats from Maximilian, take a look at their website, maximilian.com. There, you can find a great assortment of quality coats in mink furs. Not only do they have a great online marketplace to browse their luxury fur coats, but they also have multiple locations all across the United States. Check out their store locator and see which Maxmilian store is closest to you! You are just one step closer to finding the mink fur coat you never knew you wanted. Plus, if you do get your fur coat and need a cleaning, Maximilian offers excellent cleaning and storage services at fair prices!

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