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Why a Black Kitchen Tile Rules

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Oh the color black, what do I say about you…

You are Strength; Power Authority.

Formal or Elegant but never out of fashion. ! I see you Anywhere and Everywhere…

Today we look at a trend that you have coming back in a big way for the kitchens. You may think black kitchen tile… sounds so basic and boring, but that’s just not the case! The black tile has multitude of options in different finishes, materials and shapes. It’s as unique as the kitchen in which they appear.  


We think black tiles would make our kitchens dark, but using its shine or dimension you’d see it reflecting light. It will open and brighten up space or offer a base for brighter colors to shine. So, use black kitchen tile to lay a powerful design foundation by anchoring space with a distinct and intense statement!

Let’s look at some ways we can incorporate this beautiful tile in our kitchens:  

  • Black kitchen tiles add a sense of drama” to any space. Attracts attention by being vivid and unexpected while adding high contrast by mixing white tile for a classic, but truly dramatic pattern on any floor.  
  • Look for Class: Take a cue from the fashion industry! Just like a black dress isn’t obsolete, your kitchen can also be an epitome of class and panache with a stylish black tile.   
  • Glossy Tile: Use a black tile with a glossy finish if you don’t have a lot of natural light in the kitchen. See it light right up!!!
  • Finish: Matte looks best with a texture, glossy looks best with a smooth surface. Remember, a matte finish tile makes a quieter statement, hiding grout and dirt. 
  • Shape: Squares and rectangle shaped black kitchen tiles are only the beginning! Think hexagons or circles or a decorative tile to highlight your favorite area in kitchen.
  • A kitchen floor is a natural place to add tile – why not make it chic, stylish and effortless with a black tile! A matte black wall tile with a muted grout color will easily hide dirt, popular room like a kitchen.

Whether you’re going for rustic, a textured slate and wood or trying out a modern look with glossy tile, or even mixing it together for a Grand millennial look, you cannot go wrong with black tile in your kitchen ever!!!!!.


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