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Wholesale Headbands Like These Will Make You More Beautiful

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Shell & Pearl Decor Hair HoopObserving the popular trend in recent years, it is not difficult to find a rule, that is, clothing is becoming more and more simple, but accessories are becoming more and more frequent. Especially the headbands have become one of the most eye-catching accessories in our collocation. The perfect hairstyle coupled with the beautiful headbands will make you shine. However, headbands are not simply worn on the head. Different types of headbands are suitable for different people. It is best to choose the wholesale headbands that suits you best.

  • Long Face

    Multi-Layer Pearl Combination HeadbandThe best choice for a woman with a long face is a thin headband. It will not increase the top of the head and the length of the face. Instead, the cross-section of the headband can be used to compress the length of the face so that it adjusts the proportions of the face well.
    Elegant Pearl String White Headband If your hairstyle has been well adjusted to the shape of your face, you can also try a generous headband. The position of the headband should be close to the hairline, and not too close to the back, otherwise, it will lengthen the proportion of the face and not be able to decorate the face well. However, if the headband is only used as pure decoration, the color of the selected headband should blend well with the hair color, and it will not affect the proportion of the face when viewed from the front. It doesn’t matter if such a headband is close to the back of the head.

  • Round Face

    Women Crystal Velvet Hair Hoop If a woman with a round face does not choose the right headband, her face will become flatter. But don’t worry, there are still many ways to adjust the round face. For example, a wide-sized headband is particularly suitable, as long as it is worn at a position where the distance from the head to the eyes is equal to the distance from the eyes to the chin, it can constitute a good visual balance.Square Diamond Colorful Headband This design is very delicate, and the brightly colored thin headband is also suitable for round faces. Due to its excellent design and eye-catching colors, it can well distract the visual focus of the face.

  • Diamond Face

    Vintage Pearl & Rhinestone Chain Headband Women with a diamond face have no special requirements for the thickness of the headband, but you cannot choose a headband that is too thin. A headband that is too thin can easily make people feel that the upper part of the face is thinner and the chin is wider.Retro Snowflake Pearl Velvet Headband When a woman with a diamond face wears a headband, she must leave some hair on her forehead and sides. Because this can cover and weaken the temples that are not full enough so that the facial lines look softer. So choose a delicate headband, but not fully expose the forehead, it is best to leave the layered bangs, and then gently insert the headband behind the bangs.

  • High Forehead

    Fashionable Twist Detail Chain Headband For women with a slightly high forehead, it is best not to expose their forehead completely when wearing a headband. After wearing the headband, push forward to push the bangs out of a small piece. This not only solves the problem of the high hairline but also allows the bangs to be fixed, even if the wind blows directly on the face.Elegant Solid Color Pearl Headband If the forehead is a little bit high, you can leave thick bangs or air bangs. The modifier power of adding a few bangs on the forehead cannot be ignored. Although there are only a few strands, it is enough to distract the eyes. Your face will look smaller and more beautiful.

  • Lower Forehead

    Retro Diamond Pearl Bee Headband Women whose forehead is not high enough can wear a heightened and thickened headband. The headband should be close to your hair so that you can stretch your forehead upwards. The wide headband can not only increase the height of the head but also make the face look smaller. Vintage Sequined U-Shaped Headband Different from the high forehead, women with low foreheads do not need to leave some bangs for modification when wearing a headband. They can fully expose the beautiful and fair forehead, which will make them more temperamental.

  • Curly and Straight Hair

    Colorful Crystal Metal Decor Headband Women with curly hair will have more hair volume. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose headbands with complicated shapes and colors. Thin headbands and simple wide headbands are two great choices. They can quickly and effectively reduce the swelling of curly hair, and at the same time add a bit of youth and beauty to charming and mature curly hair.Fashion Pearl Knot Hair Hoop Straight hair is very suitable for headbands inlaid with shiny ornaments such as bows, small rhinestones, small crystals, etc. It will make you more delicate and sweet, and firmly attract people’s attention.Retro Plaid Pattern Hair Hoop The headband is really a magical treasure that changes your overall appearance. Choosing a headband that suits you can not only adjust the shape of your face well but also make you look more fashionable. In addition, if you want to buy fashionable headbands but don’t know where to go, I recommend you to visit our OOK JEWELRY online store. Here we have carefully selected many exquisite styles and cost-effective wholesale headbands are available for you to choose slowly. Hope you can find a style that suits you!

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