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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Trends In 2021

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Vintage Pearl Flower Choker Necklace

It is not difficult to find that jewelry is always closely related to human lifestyle and records the characteristics of the times. At AW Fashion Week in 2020, we can see that there are both boldly designed jewelry and simple and fashionable jewelry. Designers look for inspiration from different sources such as punk style, surrealism, and medieval design, so that everyone can find the style of jewelry they want. Next, let us take a look at the trend of wholesale fashion jewelry in 2021, which one do you like the most?

  • Fashion Jewelry Color Bead Necklace

    Bohemian Colorful Bead Pearl Necklace

    The long colorful bead necklace can be said to be an excellent accessory to create a playful girly feel. The element of the bead itself gives people a very sweet and childlike feeling. It is definitely a superweapon to create a sense of vitality.

    Wearing a colorful bead necklace on your chest, like sweet candy. Whether worn alone or in combination, the colorful and colorful bead necklaces are perfect jewelry for vacations at the beach. After you wear them, you will become the darling in front of the camera.  Let’s look forward to the vacation mode in 2021!

  • Fashionable Classic Pearl Jewelry

    Elegant & Fashionable Pearl Hoop Earrings

    In traditional concepts, pearls have always represented the noble image of mature women. But as one of the hard materials in jewelry, fashion trends have swept the traditional pearl style. The jewellery designer also made a new transformation to the pearl, fusing various shapes of pearls into one. Give them a classic and lasting charm.

    Nowadays, more and more jewelry brands incorporate pearls into their jewelry and hair jewelry design, making pearls no longer just a symbol of grace and luxury, but also a trendy match item for the younger generation. Since pearls returned to the front line of fashion in spring and summer last year, it is expected that they will continue to be popular. From pearl earrings pendants to mixed necklaces, there is sure to be a pearl accessory that suits you.

  • Minimalist Fashion Metal Jewelry

    Geometric Twisted Large Hoop Earrings

    In recent years, as people pay more attention to the quality of life. Young people increasingly like jewelry designs ranging from complex to simple. Simple lines and excellent materials are the most direct interpretation of this trend. In order to welcome the advent of the jewelry trend, jewelry designers use metal materials to create fashionable minimalist style jewelry, giving ladies a smart, lively, and stylish accessory surprise.

    Metal jewelry are also the hottest elements in the fashion circle. Fashionistas use them to show their fashion attitude, and celebrities also like to embellish their skin with metal jewelry. Many women don’t like gorgeous and dazzling clothes but have a soft spot for glittering jewelry. From metal earrings, metal necklaces, to metal bracelets, metal jewelry is filled with jewelry boxes. Let you who love beauty choose a piece of suitable metal jewelry for yourself, and then become more fashionable.

  • Fashion Jewelry Tassel Earrings

    Pearl Eye Cutout Diamond Tassel Earrings

    Super long earrings are shoulder-length tassel earrings. This kind of earring may be a style you rarely try, but because of its slightly exaggerated charm. It can highlight your personal temperament and personality. In recent years, it has once again been sought after and favored in the jewelry trend. Tassel earrings will also shine this year.

    The right tassels have an elegant temperament, which can well set off the unique charm of women. The long tassel earrings can not only modify the lines of your face well but also make you look gentler and more generous when matched with simplicity. Tassel earrings are very suitable for women who like retro routes or literary art. If you pair them with clothes with polka dots or printed elements, your overall appearance will look good when you take a photo.

  • Fashion Animal Styling Jewelry

    Bee & Bat Decor Cuff Earrings

    Animal styling jewelry have been quietly popular in recent years. They rushed into the fashion world with cute and lively shapes, varied designs, and a full of childlike taste. And with an intensified posture, popular to the next season. And the popularity of animal styling jewelry is not only because of the cuteness of animal sculpts but also has a deeper meaning, that is, the theme of protecting animals.

    Many high-end big brands like to use ferocious animals as styling elements, such as cheetahs, snakes, lions, tigers, etc., which are designed to be worn as jewelry and become beasts that can be controlled by humans. Some animals have even become classic symbols of the brand. Small animals always give people a lively and cheerful mood and bring energetic charm to people. Perhaps only when animal jewelry is combined with women, it can bring energetic charm to people and let them find the original innocence.

Alloy Cowrie Shell Pendant Natural Stone Necklace

The above is about the fashion jewelry trends in 2021. I hope you can find those styles that can impress your heart. If you want to buy wholesale fashion jewelry, but don’t know where to buy it. Recommend you to visit our OOK JEWELRY online store, we can carefully select many cheap and super quality wholesale fashion jewelry for you!  I believe you will be satisfied!


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