Who Run the Silk Scarves World? GirlNine!!

Ladies. We all have a collection of eastern and western attire. We also have a closet for shoes. And then another collection of jewellery and yet another of bags. There is another really important collection without which our closet is definitely incomplete. If you ever feel like your outfit of the day is missing something, it will most probably be a scarf. Trust me. You need a scarf collection, a silk scarf collection in particular. Why scarves and why the fabric silk in particular? I’ll tell you why.

Picture a fine warm day of summers. You are wearing a breathable outfit, a pair of pretty sandals, some lightweight jewellery and a matching handbag. You look at yourself in the mirror and feel like a piece is missing from the puzzle. You want to add a little bit of hue and oomph to your outfit. Let me help you out in that regard. Here’s a vibrant printed silk scarf that goes with your summer outfit. Go ahead and wear it however you like. Now look at yourself in the mirror again. Now is that look not complete and oh so fabulous? 

The Big Deal About the Fabric Silk

You know what’s amazing about the silk scarf you just wore? You can carry it in spring, fall and winters too. There’s no specific season of scarves. They can be worn all year long. There are so many brands that offer beautiful and elegant scarves and I have shopped from some of them and let me tell you, my experience has been great with some of them and just meh with others. 

My Experience with Scarf Brands

I recently bought a silk scarf from Almas and well I have to say, when my parcel arrived I was hoping for premium quality to ooze out of it. The scarf wasn’t bad bit it didn’t sweep me off my feet like I had expected. The color was a bit off than what I had seen in the advertisement and the fabric, umm, it just didn’t have a luxurious feel to it. The fabric silk itself personifies luxury and if it cannot, honestly, what’s the point then?


I shopped from another up and coming brand with a chic range of silk scarves for women and I got exactly what I wanted. Vibrant hues. Luxurious silk fabric. Lightweight material. Modern print. And what not. Oh before I forget, let me introduce you to this amazing e-store that lived up to its promise. *drum roll* It’s GirlNine. It’s gorgeous and trendy line of beautiful silk scarves offers an accessory for all seasons. They will catch your attention, trust me and if you don’t want to take my word for it… Don’t. Visit GirlNine.com and see for yourself what I am talking about.

GirlNine: Best Undergarments, Bras, Lingerie for Girls Online Shopping

Premium Quality at A Discounted Rate? Whoa!

Oh and did I tell you that these amazing designer scarves are available at a discounted price right now? Well, that’s some pretty good news, ya’ll. Not only will you get a stunning silk scarf of the finest quality to adorn this summer (and all the other seasons as well…), you will get it at a budget friendly rate. Sounds great. 

GirlNine’s Silk Scarves

GirlNine’s scarves are not only pleasant to look at and beautiful to wear but also ideal in size light in weight. Look at the following mosaic scarf for girl. Now is that blue and hold toned silk scarf with a white base not royal looking? It sure is to me. 


And if you are into floral prints, GirlNine has got a bunch of those too. If you see the following floral printed scarf, you will notice that the beautiful print is perfectly complemented by blue, purple and pink hues. The bright pink border adds some extra zing to it. Honestly, it is perfect for summers. 


Silk, Silk and Silk – Ultimate Fabric for Scarves

Why am I emphasizing on silk scarves only, you must be thinking. Well for starters and like I have mentioned before, silk equals luxury. No other fabric comes as close to luxury as silk does. You can never have too many silk scarves. At least that is what I tell my scarf closet every time I buy a brand new stylish scarf for girls. Secondly, scarves go a long way. Your professional look may need a scarf but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear one with your casual outfits. You certainly can. Actually. You must. In order to be fashionable enough. 😉 Thirdly, layering is so….sooo easy with silk scarves. And let’s face it, we usually layer scarves around our neck. That is the most followed style of adorning a summer scarf.

Silk Scarf, An Accessory for your Accessories – Say Whaa…?!

I however, sometimes and for fun too, style them in my ponytail too. It looks fabulous that way, trust me. Oh and if you feel like taking it off after sometime, you can add a little bit of oomph to your handbag by tying it to the bag’s strap. Actually that idea just occurred to me. I will be trying it myself soon. 


So ladies. I will wrap up my rant about scarves or should I say silk scarves by pointing you in the direction of an amazing e-store that I have personally shopped from and had a great experience with. GirlNine has an amazing collection of silk scarves online and you will find their products nothing short of quality and good value for money once you will shop from them and receive your order. I know my experience has been great! Yours will be too. Take my word for it. I am an extremely satisfied customer and you are in for a treat too. Good day gals. Happy shopping to you. 

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