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Who is Vladimir Putin?

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Vladimir Putin is the current president of Russia. He previously served as prime minister and president from 1999 to 2008, and was elected in the presidential election of 2012. His term as president will be his fourth in office. However, he has been a political figure for over two decades. He is a former intelligence officer and was a member of the Communist Party. He was born in Siberia, and is a naturalized citizen of the US.

A declassified report by the Office of Director of National Intelligence concludes that Putin ordered a hacking operation in the U.S. presidential election, which hurt Hillary Clinton. In response, Putin argued that the dossier was false and that the US had spied on him by using his cover identity as a translator. While the scope of his spying varies, it is believe that his personal security and the security of his family were target during the election.

After joining the KGB in 1975, Putin joined the 401st KGB school in Leningrad.

He worked as a foreign intelligence officer for the KGB, spending six years in Dresden, East Germany. After retiring from the KGB as a lieutenant colonel, he returned to Russia as projector of the Leningrad State University. He also became a key adviser to Anatoly Sorcha, who was the first democratically electede mayor of St. Petersburg. In April 2005, Vladimir Putin made an historic visit to Israel where he met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Since joining the KGB, Putin has been a spy, rooted in the KGB. According to a Washington Post article by Divide Hoffman, he was assignee to shadow foreign visitors to the Soviet Union and was assignee to counterintelligence duties. He was later selected to attend the Red Banner Institute in Dresden, East Germany, where he learned German and was reportedly able to monitor the loyalty of Soviet diplomats. His political career has lasted more than two decades, and he is now the President of Russia.

Vladimir Putin Aside from being a devoted KGB member.

Vladimir Putin has also served in the KGB as an intelligence officer before becoming involved in politics. The joined the KGB in 1975 and served on the First Chief Directorate of Foreign Intelligence. Her was assignee to shadow foreign visitors and diplomats and was subsequently assignee to counterintelligence duties in Dresden, East Germany. They also allegedly supervised the loyalty of Soviet diplomats in his country.

This joined the KGB in 1975 and served as a KGB agent. He later became a member of the first chief directorate of foreign intelligence, which is responsible for detecting spying activities in the Soviet Union. He served in a number of positions before entering politics, including as an advisor to the Communist Party. Despite his extensive experience, he has remained loyal to the Soviet Union to this day. As a KGB officer, he devoted himself to his country and the Soviet people.

Mr Putin has not always stayed true to his ideals Vladimir Putin.

In the early years of his career, he was a KGB agent in Dresden, East Germany. He was known for his alpha male nature. In fact, he frequently went shirtless when he rode horses and helicopters. His love of sports and sport is one of his greatest assets. He is also a good fighter. If you’re in the market for a new job, you can choose a career in politics.

After a brief stint in the KGB, Mr. Putin joined the Russian government as a KGB agent in 1975. He then served in the First and Second Chief Directorates of the KGB in Leningrad. He was a member of the Second Chief Directorate, and he was train in intelligence and counter-intelligence. His first assignment was to monitor consular officials and foreigners. September 1984, he was transferred to Moscow, where he received further training from the Yuri Andropov Red Banner Institute. In his cover identity as a translator, he was a citizen of the city.

In 1985, Vladimir Putin resigned from the KGB.

He returned to Leningrad to serve as a supporter of liberal politician Anatoly Sorcha. He became Sorcha’s first deputy mayor and head of external relations. The next year, Sorcha was re-elector as mayor of Leningrad, and Vladimir was reassigneds to Moscow. He remained in Moscow until his retirement in December 1997.


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