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There is no surprise to the fact that some roads in Scotland are in terrible condition and dangerous for drivers. In the countrysides, most road accidents are caused due to bad road conditions. People often avoid making claims for road accidents caused due to bad road conditions because they don’t know who to blame.

If you have been a road accident victim and don’t know who to claim against, we suggest you call HD Claims. The professionals at HD Claims are able to handle Fatal Accident Claims in Scotland.


Roads can be defects in multiple ways that can cause danger for drivers. Some terrible road conditions are:

  • Excessive grade
  • Sloping Shoulders
  • Weak Guardrails
  • Debris or Fallen Branches
  • Inadequate Lighting
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights
  • Obscured traffic signs
  • Missing traffic signs
  • Uneven or cracked pavement
  • Potholes

Any road defect is capable enough to make the driver lose control and fall into an accident. The accident can be a tip-over, collision with another car, or stationary objects such as buildings or trees. The older the defect, the stronger the compensation claim.

It is always suggested that once the accident happens, the driver must identify the cause of the crash. If you fall into an accident due to bad road conditions, make sure to take a picture with your phone to have fresh evidence of hazardous road conditions.


Blaming a single entity or a person for a road accident caused by defected road can be tricky. Ordinary people with less knowledge of Government laws can get confused as naturally, no one was present when the accident occurred. In such conditions, hiring an expert lawyer is crucial. Lawyers who have experience in accident claims can help you get the compensation you deserve.

For this, we always suggest that you should call HD Claims. HD Claims is a firm with years of experience. People at HD Claims are experienced enough to handle the trickiest claim possible.

Typically, the following entities/individuals can face the responsibility for a road accident caused by road defects:

  • A Manufacturer who manufactured the defective road products. This condition implies if the products contributed to a certain amount of cash.
  • If the road accident happened on a private road or in a private parking lot, the claim might go against private businesses.
  • The private entity who signed a contract with the Government for road construction.
  • The Government agency who is responsible for maintaining the road condition.

In some cases, finding the right party who is responsible becomes tricky. For instance, the traffic sign on the road goes missing. However, if an experienced road accident lawyer is hired, it becomes easy to investigate and find the party responsible for the accident.


Scotland is a free country. Here, every individual has the right to make a claim against anyone who is responsible for the harm. In most cases, road accidents happened due to a lack of maintenance. If that happened to you, call HD Claims that will make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. While making a claim, make sure you know the exact time and the place of the accident. For this, taking a picture of the accident site right after the accident is helpful.

Also, one should make sure that claims are makes as soon as possible. If the deadline is missing, the lawyer might not be able to help you get your compensation.


Accidents are unfortunate events. Nobody would want to face a situation where the whole family gets disturbing. People who fall into accidents find it very challenging to live everyday life Fatal Accident Claims Scotland. In some cases, individuals have to lose their lives. That’s why we always suggest never ignoring to make a claim because if you forgive those who are responsible, the same may happen to others. Hence, it is your responsibility as a citizen of Scotland to make a claim.


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