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Whipples’ Procedure In India: Costs, Treatments, Clinics, And Hospitals

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If you experience constant pain in your abdomen or back, or if you suffer from regular digestive problems and have drastically lost weight? These are some of the signs of pancreatic cancer. Whipple surgery is a common treatment process for pancreatic cancer.

What Is Whipple Surgery?

Pancreaticoduodenectomy commonly known as the Whipple procedure is a surgical procedure to extract the tumour from the pancreas and also the affected parts of the pancreas. This surgery also involves the removal of the close organs such as a part of the small intestine or the lower parts of the stomach, gallbladder etc.

Whipple procedure is a complex surgery as it also involves the repair of a large part of the gastrointestinal tract. Whipple surgery cost in India depends on several factors such as:

● Admission fee of the hospital
● Doctor’s fee
● Method of procedure opted
● Patient’s age
● The medical history of the patient
● The type of hospital room booked
● Other lab tests such as X-ray, ECG and many more

Top 3 Hospitals For Whipple Surgery In India

● Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
● Fortis Healthcare Hospital, Chennai
● Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai

Preparing For Treatment

The doctor, after close examination of the patient, will prescribe the possible treatment choices and the expected results with each option. The doctor and patient need to work together to finalize the procedure that is beneficial for the patient’s needs. The choice of treatment also depends on where the tumour is located in the pancreas and how much it has spread.

About The Surgery

After the effect of anaesthesia begins, a tube is inserted into the bladder through the lower openings of the urine pipe during and after the surgery. During the surgery, the head of the pancreas, gallbladder and other affected parts are removed from the body.

After this, the remaining portion of the pancreas and other organs are carefully joined to restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The surgeon will then close the cuts made with staples and then cover it with a surgical bandage.

Post Surgery Care

After the surgery is completed, the patient is shifted to a post-surgery care unit, where the experts will regulate your progress, check your vital signs and look for any symptoms of infections or any post-surgery complications. The diet slowly returns to normal based on the condition of the patient.

Most patients are able to start walking within a few days after the surgery. Sometimes, individuals are given adjuvant therapy before or after the procedure. This therapy includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or sometimes both. Overall, the minimum Whipple surgery cost in India starts from INR 2 lakhs


The Whipple procedure is a very complex surgery. For it to be successful you need to go for regular check-ups after getting discharged from the hospital. It is mandatory to refrain from removing any bandages until it is ensured by the surgeon.

Avoid eating oily foods and drink plenty of water. India has a plethora of hospitals that provide excellent treatment at low Whipple surgery cost in India. Max Super Speciality Hospital specializes in providing expert liver transplant surgeries at very affordable costs.


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