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Which Type of Barricade Do I Need? A User’s Guide

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Are you putting up barriers for crowd control? If you need to invest in barricades, you’ll need to know a few things. These barriers come in many types. However, they all fulfill the same purpose: that is, to keep people and drivers safe from potential accidents on the road. If you want to make sure you set up a safe environment for everyone, here are some tips to help you determine which options are right for you.

Main Types of Barricades

When you check out road barricades, you’ll notice that there are three main types. These are pedestrian barricades, traffic barricades, and barricades that expand in length. Understanding the uses of each one will help you with your buying decisions.

Manage the Crowd

If you are looking for road barricades meant to be used for managing and controlling the crowd, then pedestrian barricades are the right option for you. If there is a huge crowd and traffic present, these should help you keep in a safe environment. These are much more cost-effective than having to hire employees to deal with the crowds and keep them in check. Set up permanent or temporary barricades. With products at different price points, you’ll find ones that suit your budget. You could pick from barricades made from metal, plastic, vinyl, and PVC.

Control the Traffic

Is your company involved in setting up road or safety barricades that control and direct traffic flow? Traffic barricades are often used to warn pedestrians of an accident site. They also work to inform workers of potential hazards on construction sites. These are also used to indicate drop-off zones at school, ensuring that those spots are safe, especially for the kids and staff. You can choose from the following options.

  • Jersey barriers are often filled with water or sand and are used for separating lanes of traffic. They reduce the amount of damage to the vehicle in collisions.
  • Traffic barrels are also called drums or construction barrels which are a common sight in busy roadways. They look like oversized traffic cones.
  • Traffic cones are a staple in many safety zones in schools and minor potholes. These are lightweight, though, so they’re often the first to go in bad weather. A bit of wind could knock them out of place.
  • As for A-Frame barricades, you’ll often find them near sewer holes or construction sites.

Not Sure What You Need?

There are times when you’re not certain what kind of environment you’ll work with. That, or you need to put up a perimeter with different lengths and strangle angles. If that’s the case, no worries. Pick an expanding length barricade for that. It’s often used for construction sites but can be found in factories and warehouses and even cleaning areas.

Choose the Right Brand

Get them from a trusted manufacturer. A company with a credible reputation for providing safety products makes for an excellent option. That’s one way to make sure you can trust the quality of the barricades for your projects.


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