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Which torque wrench for your motorcycle?

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Experienced bikers will be able to confirm it: there is nothing like getting on a well-maintained motorcycle. When we talk about maintenance, this includes various mechanical repairs. As such, the torque wrench is then essential to have precise tightening torques for each bolt and each nut. So how do you choose the right torque wrench for your motorcycle?

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Notions of tightening torque and torque wrenches

The torque wrench is a wrench that allows tightening while measuring the applied tightening torque. Its usefulness is no longer to be demonstrated in the world of mechanics. Indeed, there are tightening recommendations for each part of your motorcycle.

If a bolt is tightened too hard it may break or screw up. On the other hand, too soft tightening will cause some play in the part concerned and lead to mechanical problems in the long term.

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With a torque wrench, simply refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations, adjust the tightening torque, and tighten until the torque wrench has tripped.

Choose your torque wrench according to the use

There are people who own a motorcycle without having extensive mechanical knowledge. In addition, their tightening needs are limited to basic checks and maintenance.

For example, this is the case for cleaning the spark plugs, cleaning the headlights and headlight cover, tightening the fairing, etc. For these small tasks, you will need a torque wrenchs with a range of use between 0 and 20 Nm.

If, on the other hand, you are doing real repairs to your motorcycle and overhauling it yourself from A to Z, you will need a second torque wrench. This time, you will opt for a torque wrenchs with a range of use between 20 and 150 Nm.

With this key, you can perform cylinder head tightening, disassemble and reassemble your fork, tighten the bolts of your wheels, check the tightening of your shock absorbers, maintain your steering column, etc.

Various brands and options

Many people wonder which brand of torque wrench to choose. To get the best answer to this question, you may need to determine how often you use the tool. Indeed, it is the logical step to compare the best torque wrenches for motorcycles.

If you work practically every day with your wrenches, in particular the dynamometric, you might as well opt for a high-end key such as Facom. Thus, you will be guaranteed to have robust and reliable equipment.

If, on the other hand, your use is occasional and quite rare, do not invest in such a high-end key. An Honest, a Bost, or a Sam will be more than enough to cover your needs for the maintenance of your motorcycle.

Buying a used torque wrench can face you at a low price point. However, never forget that you do not have any guarantee as to the quality of the material. In fact, you may have to recalibrate the tool even before using it.


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