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Which sticker type best fits your business needs?

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Hi! Do you run or are part of a business and are looking to invest in custom stickers? Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to understand which type of sticker best suits your application?

We’re here to help! In the next few minutes, we will explain the different types of stickers & when to pick each one. We’ll then finish off with some popular uses of custom stickers, such as the premium holographic stickers.

What do we mean by types of stickers?

Sticker types refer to 2 things:

  • The material used to make the sticker.
  • The format in which they are finished; individually, on sheets, or rolls.

What material to pick?

There are two main categories of material:

  • Paper
  • Plastic

Paper materials are ideal for short-term uses, such as take-away food packaging. They are low cost and easy to recycle.

Plastic materials are much more durable. They are waterproof and will withstand scratches. Perfect for longer-term or more premium applications.

Individually cut, sheets, or rolls?

The logic for which to choose is simple:

  • Get individually cut stickers if you sell your stickers or give them away separately.
  • Get labels on sheets if you apply them in-house (yourself) to your products or packaging. They’re easy to store, are well protected, and faster to peel than individually cut stickers.
  • Get labels on rolls if a machine is applying them for you or helping you to apply them. You can get fully or semi-automatic machines that can speed up the process.

Typical use cases & the best sticker to use

Window stickers: A large window decal is ideal for promoting your brand at physical locations such as your retail outlet. 

The type of sticker you go for depends on your branding. This transparent sticker cut to an oval shape works super well.

Premium giveaways: This is a hugely popular use, and you always need to go for individually cut stickers, usually made from premium material, such as glitter or holographic. 

The example below is printed on a glitter material and looks incredible when it catches the light.

Packaging labels: This application is open to multiple choices, but we’d always recommend labels on sheets because you will apply them yourself. 

Labels on sheets are approximately 65% faster to peel & apply than individually cut stickers because they are easier to peel from the backing.

The clear labels shown in the image above are absolutely ideal for this product packaging. They are fast to apply, look incredible, and are actually made from compostable material!


We hope all this information helps you to make the right decisions when deciding which sticker type best fits your business needs. There are, of course, many other applications, and we couldn’t cover them all here.

If you have any questions or want to know more, please leave a comment below.


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