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Which Sports Wrist Brace Is Best For You?

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If you have suffered from wrist arthritis, then a sports wrist brace could be the answer to reducing pain and also improving your ability to perform your chosen sport. The main problem is often how to find one that is right for you. A sports wrist brace is designed specifically to minimise wrist stress and tension. They are designed for active people who play sports and take part in contact sports where they get hit or fall on their wrists become particularly vulnerable. Often these sports people do not wear them because of the pain. Some will find that wearing them can actually help reduce the pain.

The push sports wrist brace is suitable for active individuals and is ideal if you have minor instability and persistent pain. The rigid support offered by the strap provides a comfortable, individually adjusted, compression to the wearer. The straps stretch and mould around the wrist and across the top of the hand. Sports watches and jewellery usually have rigid support bands to keep the watch or jewellery secure and in place. This is the same support system used in sports wrist brace.

The flexible sports

Wrist brace is suitable for active individuals who are able to use one hand freely but require support for other parts of the body. It is designed with a hook and loop strap which allows for easy adjustment for temperature control or positioning. The strap stretches out fully when pulled tight and then automatically relaxes when the pressure is taken off one hand. This one hand free alternative to wearing two separate wrist brace systems is ideal for those who get hit on their hands and wrists a lot.

The pro-lite 8 is similar to the flex wrist brace but the difference is the material it is made from. This material is made from a stretchable polyester that provides a snug fit around the whole wrist and also maximises comfort. The silicone strap also reduces the risk of damaging the hand skin. This is one of the best choices for over the counter compression braces because the material the braces are made from prevents irritation of the skin. This is important because the discomfort will help you stay more concentrated when working out if your hands or thumbs are sore.

Wearing wrist braces

That are breathable is the best choice for reducing the chance of getting a painful sprain or strain. Breathable material means that air can flow through the area reducing any discomfort. If you get a sports-related sprain or strain then being able to wear breathable material means you can immediately begin an exercise to try and alleviate the pain. There is still a chance the pain will be too much for you to handle and so another type of brace will be required. One that provides additional support to the thumb as well as the fingers.

The thumb and index finger are some of the most commonly injured areas in sports. The wrist supports that are available will offer a number of additional protection for these two areas. Depending on which type of wrist support you are looking for will depend on the design of the brace. A strap with a compression design allows the thumb to be held closer to the top of the thumb pad and therefore provides a tighter grip and hold.

Some wrist braces

Will have straps made from extra-durable latex-free fabric. These designs will not irritate the skin as much as a strap that is made from a breathable material. Another benefit to using a latex-free material is that it is more comfortable for the wearer. The comfort level depends on the individual and some people like their straps to be very comfortable while others prefer a more flexible design. The more flexible the bracelet the more comfortable the wearer will be.

Some sports wrist braces will have a wrist support brace included with the purchase of the unit. For those players who require the highest amount of wrist support then they may prefer to purchase this separately. Wearing the right type of finger movement support will be important for those players that have a greater tendency of developing carpal tunnel syndrome as they use their hands to play specific sports. This syndrome can greatly limit the motion of the thumb and the ability to perform simple and repetitive movements. Visit Vita Wear


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