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Which RFID tag should We use for industrial laundry?

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The use of RFID technology has improved the identification and tracking of flat linen and workwear throughout the laundry process. This is made possible, first and foremost, by an rfid laundry tag  attached to a fabric and containing information, and secondly, by an RFID reader that reads and sends this data. This technique enables quick and error-free linen management in laundry applications.


Laundry tags are particularly intended to withstand tough circumstances including numerous washes, chemicals, high pressure spin drying, and laundry ironing. The tag’s functionality must be able to withstand more than 50 washes as well as strong pressure during spin drying.

The uses

The uses ‘RFID technology allows laundry linen to be identified and tracked. For example, after arriving at the laundry’s reception area, the dirty laundry trolleys can travel via a gantry equipped with an RFID antenna and linked to a computer that allows each item of laundry to be identified (kind of laundry, colours, textile nature, etc.). Using a PDA, iPad, or any other fixed or mobile RFID reader, the linen may be sorted quickly! The linen may be recognised again after being washed, wrung, and/or ironed, allowing operators to know what linen is available at the plant in real time.

This approach allows you to identify the linens and group similar items together. The linen is once again ready to leave the plant and provide clean linen to clients! rfid tag manufacturer are changing the job of laundry operators. They provide a substantial time advantage, a decrease in mistakes and losses, an energy savings for staff, and an increase in laundry production. Through real-time updates, this gives greater detailed view into production activities. Inventory counts are simplified. RFID in manufacturing can help decrease labour expenses since it automates typically laborious activities.


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